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The decompiling method in the pinned thread dose not work for windows XP pro. Is there another way to decompile the models. Thanks in advance.

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    should work in XP.

    instead of making a batch file, open Command Prompt (Should be in start->programs->accessories iirc) and navigate to where you have your mdldec.exe and the model you want to decompile. (you can have them in diff dirs, but it makes it more trouble than its worth) then just type in "mdldec model.mdl" and it should decompile to the same directory.

    i have a folder "c:\decompile\" that always contains mdldec.exe and i just move whatever i want to decompile into that. makes life much easier. inside that i have a \compile\ directory with the new studiomdl.exe in it, for recompiling.

    hope i've helped ^^

    (if you are getting errors or anything, it'd help if you could tell me...)
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