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What do your uber aliens look like?
If this topic already exists then just post a like to it plz.

Perma- skulk build: Cele,Focus,Unlock1,SoF,Silence,Regen,Unlock2

Perma-Lerk build: Cele,Focus,Lerk,SoF or Unlock1, Cara, Regen, Silence

Explanation: If my team manages to keep rines off the hive I will choose SoF for better hunting. If rines keep rushing into the hive i will go for umbra and stay near the hive most of the time.

Perma-Fade build: Cele,Focus,Fade,Silence,Cara,Regen

Perma-Onos build: Cele,Onos,Redem,Cara,Unlock1,Sof or Regen

Perma-Gorge build: Unlock1,Unlock2,Gorge,Adre,Cele,Cloak,SoF,Redem

These are my "hopefully i can stick to it builds" meaning if things go well i will develop myself as explained above. When aliens are loosing everything is possible.

Well, what do your builds look like?
And how do you like mine?
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    For me its,

    Skulk: Unlock 1, Unlock 2, Cele, Cara, Focus, Silence, Adren
    Lerk: Lerk, Adren, Cele, Regen, Cara, (Focus/Unlock1/SoF/Save one for Fade, depending on game)
    Fade: Cele, Fade, Regen, Cara, Focus, Unlock 1
    Onos: Cele, Onos, Redem, Cara, Unlock 1, Adren
    Gorge: Unlock 1, Unlock 2, Gorge, Adren, Regen, Cara, Cele, (Cloak/Save1 for Lerk)

    I don't really like using Silence, since it isn't as effective because you will often move in a pack with teammates and they will give you away, or many of the marines will have mt. Your lerk build is more of a bite, and mine is more of a spore build, so you might find silence more useful. I find meta to be so much more useful than silence for a fade.
    I also find it interesting that you get xeno last. I get it so early because most marines have lvl0/1 armor and most don't have resupply yet. This, along with the fact that we usually have 2 or 3 lerks to spore, lets me get more kills with xeno than I could with focus, and plus, they don't get experience from my xeno.
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    nah, silence works with nice camping. i often chop down bunch of rines chasing from their back.
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    Please, there's about 200 topics about these co builds now. And the thing is, they're all as boring as each other. Nobody cares what setup somebody else uses.
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