Whats Up With Leap?

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I have just started to try and use leap in co maps and I cant figure it out. It says it does 80 damage but when I was behind a jetpacker in a vent I leapt at him 3 times and then he turned around and shot me (I had silence so he didnt notice me right away). I have only ever gotten 1 kill with leap. Some people say to just use it to get into the battle and to run from it. How do you use leap effectivly?


  • EmooEmoo Ibasa Members Join Date: 2002-12-20 Member: 11198Posts: 535
    It does damage when you touch them like charge so to get full amge out of it you have to stay in contact with the marine the whole time. bit lame becuase it hardly ever happens inless they let you do it, so it manily used for getting around.
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  • taboofirestaboofires Members Join Date: 2002-11-24 Member: 9853Posts: 2,246
    80 damage per second of pushing against the marine.

    Forget about the damage, use it to avoid death. Get in, get out. It's all about closing the distance.
  • the_x5the_x5 the Xzianthian Members, Constellation Join Date: 2004-03-02 Member: 27041Posts: 3,175
    I think if you hit the head of a LA marine with leap it should hurt enough to be an almost instant kill. (like in 1.04)

    PS: is it possible to "leap-bunny-hop"?
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    there's no locational damage in NS...unless you mean going down on the head just because it's easier... 2 leaps straight on kills an LA marine with level 0 armor... I think...

    It's kind of possible to leap bhop... you'd need adrenaline to do it continuous though. I've experimented with it a few times but I end up slowing back down to the 500s
  • NGENGE Members Join Date: 2003-11-10 Member: 22443Posts: 1,007
    Leap's damage doesn't even last 1 second, at 80 dmg a second it does about 44. (In all practical situations, none of this "leap on top of them!!!1" bs)

    Don't ever use it as an attack, unless it's the comm hopping out of the chair after base was destroyed, *and* he hits some webbing or is stompspammed. It's seriously that pathetic. Bite is your best friend as a skulk, and leap with him are chums. Use them together and you've got a happy skulk.
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  • tim0808tim0808 Members Join Date: 2004-08-13 Member: 30597Posts: 5
    alright, thanks for the replies.
  • SLizerSLizer Members, Constellation Join Date: 2003-11-07 Member: 22363Posts: 1,301
    Best to found out the delay-damage is in co_rebirth hive area wheres there that "weldable" vent leap at it and listen lots of crunches
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  • SkySky Members Join Date: 2004-04-23 Member: 28131Posts: 3,669
    turn on fastswitch (if you haven't already)
    leap at a marine
    switch to bite in midair
    bite when you hit him

    that's what leap is for smile-fix.gif
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  • NecrosisNecrosis The Loquacious Sage Members, Constellation Join Date: 2003-08-03 Member: 18828Posts: 3,203
    Leap is for the most part used to move around the map, clear ladders/stairs/ramps, get into vents without having to wallcrawl, etc.

    If you intend to use it offensively then you need to use fastswitching and lastinv. Leap at target, lastinv to bite, then bitespam. If need be, lastinv again and leap out of the room.

    Be advised that leap has a pretty predictable travelling arc, so learn to bhop as soon as possible since it'll make your movement a bit more random and thus make it harder for rines to shoot you.
  • PoseidonPoseidon Members Join Date: 2004-08-31 Member: 31110Posts: 3
    Leap then bite is my strategy skulk.gifasrifle.gif (espeically from behind tounge.gif )
  • MaximusMaximus Members Join Date: 2004-09-01 Member: 31175Posts: 22
    Xeno + Leap = Ownzorz! wow.gif
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  • TheGlowTheGlow Members Join Date: 2002-11-22 Member: 9650Posts: 325
    I know in 1.04 leap was powerful.
    Hold crouch in vents and what not to make it worthwhile.
    And i know if you had good fps and control you could pop a turret with one leap.
    Going on top of a res node and looking down, holding crouch and leaping
    used to do some silly damage.
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