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A Noob's Tale
Okay, bear with me please. I wrote this at about 11:30 PM, after an experience on an NS server. Story!

"Build structure at waypoint," the commander told George.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll build it...****," he responded.

A blue circle with a pair of wrenches appeared on George's HUD, with a distance of two meters, slightly to his right. He turned to the waypoint, and rolled his eyes. A second armory in their drop zone. He shrugged and started building away. Not like we're going to need all this res anyway, he thought to himself.

"Proceed to waypoint," said the commander, again.

"Roger that, ****," responded George.

"Oh, ****, huh? Well, roger this!"

Suddenly, five command chairs materialized around George, rendering him trapped. He sighed, and typed a message into the text channel.

George: Guys, this comm is such a nub. He built two armories and dropped CCs on me. Let's eject.

It was followed by replies of:

Ray: Yeah, sure, why not.
Bill: Um, I don't see a problem. He gave me this shotty right away.
Patterson: Yo, whatcha got against Roberson, huh? So, he's a little green...

George sighed and checked his squad readout. Roberson was at the top, as the commander, followed by him, Ray, Bill, Patterson, and Kent. He started the ejection vote.

George: Well, Kent - I guess it's up to you. Kick or no?

He waited for several seconds, and neither reply nor vote came from Kent. He turned within his tiny cage of command chairs, and saw Kent sitting at a table, eating a donut, with his helmet off. George's eye began to twitch.

Kent was enjoying his donut thoroughly. Mm, I haven't had food this good since I left for basic training, he thought. He began to enjoy it so much that he started to drool, and before he knew it, he desired more donuts. He turned back to the table, hoping to see a box filled with jelly donuts, and knocked his helmet down in the process. It rolled off of the table and he heard a slight "beep".

George heard a "beep" from his helmet, and looked at his HUD. A message flashed across the screen. "Commander has been ejected." Cackling with glee, he quickly finished one of the five command chairs surrounding him, and hopped in. He began the recycle process on the other four, and was surveying their structures throughout the ship.

Suddenly, he saw a blazingly fast red dot on his tactical command map. It streaked towards his own dot on the map, and he then heard the sound of rending metal. He quickly realized it was a Fade, slashing away at his command chair. He screamed into the voice channel, telling everyone to grab their weapons and kill it.

Ray suddenly heard George's voice screaming at him through the voice channel, yelling something about "Fade" and "killing". Heaving a sigh, he grabbed his LMG from the weapons rack, two clips, and walked towards George's position.

Bill, Patterson, and Kent looked at each other, and left their poker game. Bill grabbed his shotgun, and Patterson grabbed his pistol. Kent grabbed a jelly donut. They ran over to the scene.

Roberson was left sitting on his butt by the command chair he had recently been ejected from. He was looking around in confusion, when he heard George's order screamed into his helmet. Quickly, he jumped up, and reached into his weapons storage box, grabbed the first holster he could find, and raced to George.

George watched the status of his command chair slowly decline as the Fade swiped away. Suddenly, he heard four pairs of footsteps approaching, and breathed a sigh of relief as Ray, Bill, and Patterson opened fire. His sigh of relief soon turned to a gasp of horror as the Fade blinked over to the four, and proceeded to tear up Ray, then Bill, whose shotgun clattered noisily to the floor. Kent simply stood there, jelly donut in hand, until the Fade slashed him apart.

Patterson backed up, his eyes wide, as the fade slowly approached. He raised his pistol and fired ten times at the fade. The Cx10 was an exceedingly accurate gun. It fired as fast as humanly possible, and had almost no recoil. Somehow, Patterson still managed to miss all but one shot, which hit the Fade in the eye.

The Fade howled, and George almost laughed at the display. Unfortunately for Patterson, the Fade regenerated its eye, and took out its aggression on him. George's heart sank as he saw Patterson's body fall to the floor, a bloody mess.

Then, he heard footsteps running towards his position again. He looked at his tactical map. It was Roberson, charging at the Fade - unarmed. He saw Roberson pull out a holster, and smiled. His smile turned to a jaw-hanging gape as Roberson drew a knife from the holster.

The Fade was too busy gloating over its latest kill to notice Roberson approach with the knife. Roberson jumped up and jammed the knife into the back of the Fade's neck. The Fade staggered forward slightly, and reached its claws back, attempting to remove the knife.

Roberson suddenly noticed the shotgun lying on the floor. "Ooh," he said, as he bent down to pick it up. As he grabbed it, he noticed it still had a shell remaining. He shrugged, and pumped the shotgun.

The Fade heard the unmistakable sound of a shotgun pumping, and turned. It stepped backwards, getting ready to blink or attack. Roberson was examining the gun, which had stolen his attention away from the impending danger. He toyed with the grip, examining it, and accidentally set off the trigger.

The shotgun flew out of his unprepared hands as it went off. The pellets slammed into the Fade's body, scattering alien flesh and blood everywhere, as it killed the weakened Fade. Roberson blinked, looking at the green and black mess lying on the ground, as George logged out of the command chair.

George blinked, looking at the green and black mess lying on the ground, as Roberson stood there, his hands empty. He looked from Roberson to the Fade's corpse, and back at Roberson.

George could not even find the words to begin. He just shook his head, and walked back to the drop zone, to request reinforcements.


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