Ns_map Concept

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NS_map concept.

Making the hives more important for both aliens and marines.
All hives has 2 rts, and one vital weld able point, explained under.

Sewer Control hive, has a weldable that, when done, will lead a lot of water around the map away.

Security Control hive, has a weldable that, when welded, will open a closed door into a room that has some triggers that can be welded to turn on additional lights around the map.

Ventilation Control hive, has weldables that will open some openings around the map, allowing marines to enter vents. (Only possible when this is welded, except for JPs.

Explaining the Map design.
All hives are connected by 2 halls with a RT in between.

This is done so NO hives are given unfair advantages over other start hives.

The blue lines indicate vent system from hives to MS nearest rt. All hives have contact to 1 of MS
nearest rts. Traveling from the blue line to MS near RT should be the same for marine and alien.

The mappers choice indicate where the mapper him/her self decides what to put in, Could be halls, siege room, weldables and more

Yellow circles shows where the weldables are placed.

Around the map there is water areas, vent access and turned off lights which can only be used as marine when the certain weldable is welded.
Aliens are defending in this scenario.

No double res, hives are supposed to be important not RTs, therefore all hives have 2 RTs.

Weaknesses and their counters.
Dark areas, countered by welding Security control hive weldable.

Water areas, countered by welding Sewer Control weldable.

No ventilation access, countered by welding Ventilation hive weldable.

Light areas, defend Security hive.

No water, Defend Sewer control hive.

Marine vent access, defend Security hive.

Any thoughts?


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    The only problems I see are these:

    1) There is no means of creating a one-side-only object. If marines can activate a button, aliens can too. So giving marines a weld point that makes access to a light does no good, as the aliens can always turn it back off.

    2) A layout this detailed would have to be explained. People would need to walk into the map knowing about it to get it. Especially when you have areas of marine disadvantage that they can correct they HAVE to know that they can correct it.

    3) There was no accounting for marine resources. Giving the aliens two rts right off the bat is a huge bonus. Not doing the same for marines would create an imbalance in the map.

    4) Res is supposed to be important in NS also. At least that's how i've always played it. Ask any of the good CAL clan members, or anyone that you find on #nspug on gamesurge.net and they'll tell you the same. The res war is at least equally important to NS as the hive war is. Discounting one would throw off the balance that exists in the game and could prove to be a bad idea. (notice I said could, willing to at least try it first)

    Now for some solutions: (broken down by problem number)
    1) The one sided object problem is kind of solved for you, you just can't have buttons and marine only access at the same time. If you have the weld point trigger the water/power/vents then the aliens can't turn it back off. That said marines can't either.

    2) Letting people know what's going on can be accomplished with custom textures. Remember the RR map in ns_tanith? You could make one for your map that has explanations for the weld points. Also have each weld point labeled so people know what it is.

    3) Give the marines another RT. At this point it kind of turns the map into big game hunters from starcraft (If you don't know what that is it's a super high resource version of another starcraft map) At the same time it is only fair.

    4) No solutions here. The changes you proposed may or may not affect the overall balance of the game. In general it would help out more in a public server setting than it would organized play, and if you're ok with that then there's no problem here at all. <!--emo&:)--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html//emoticons/smile.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /><!--endemo-->
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