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We're now starting Pre-Season for Season 3. The news post can be found here.

Well, it is now Pre-Season for Season 3 and boy do we have some changes!

The first one everyone should know about already. We will be requiring CD this season. For Pre-Season CD will need to be in optional mode so that everyone can become familiar with it ( its not difficult to use either ). All teams should be sure that CD is installed on their servers and that their members have installed the client.

The other major change is a re-distribution of the divisions. We have created a third division: Gamma. Gamma will be for those middle-tier clans that have proven themselves in Omega but are not quite ready for Delta.

Delta Teams:
Bacon Men
Damage Networks
evolution Revolution
Infinite Reverence
Keep That Donkey Moving ( another Euro team & NEW! )
Unnatural Evolution

Gamma Teams:
Blatant Aimbot Hacks
Brotherhood of Steel
Complex Bling
Darwins Law
idependent Riot ( NEW! )
Orion Strategic Stormtroopers
Team Animosity
Twilight Eclipse

Omega Teams:
Battery ( NEW! )
C4 ( NEW! )
Chaos Legion ( NEW! )
Clan Eternity ( NEW! )
Crosseyed Lerks ( NEW! )
CTan Nightbringers ( NEW! )
Fraggers United
Full Metal Jacket
ICP ( NEW! )
Ninja Space Pirates ( NEW! )
Second Infantry Division ( NEW! )
SpyderS ( NEW! )
Storm Troopers of Death
Supa Mad Killas
Tactical Killing Squad
The Obsidian Order
Veni Vidi Vici
Warm N Fuzzy ( NEW! )
Weapons of Mass Destruction ( NEW! )
Yo Comm Shotgun Please

Whew! Lots of typing and lots of new teams!

Ok, schedules are also up. One change to Pre-Season this time around. We will be doing two weeks of Pre-Season play. This week we will be trying out the new map ns_delta! You can get it here:

Since this is Pre-Season there may be a few no shows for matches, so I encourage all teams to contact their opponents throughout the week. If anyone knows that their opponent will not be able to play, please be sure to contact either us immediately so that we can attempt to schedule you against someone else.

If there are any questions or if you do not see your team in this list, please find either Brad or myself on IRC in #caleague-ns or you can email me directly: [email protected]



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