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It's been somewhat of an ongoing debate over the past so I'm just creating a thread for it to figure this thing out. I know that some of you would like to have TWG signatures who currently don't, a couple of ideas that have been suggested in the past are layed out below. I've described the pro's and con's for them as I best see it.

Have the MVP's displayed on the signatures
- More players would have signatures
- Players who have played the game well but not necisarily survived would get sigs

So far the role of "MVP" has been based purely on the hosts view of how the game was played and/or any information provided to him by players. This means that there is no standard way to earn the MVP role and players who do not correspond with the host and deserve the MVP role may not get it. This means that the MVP role can be very biased and players who do not receive signatures for it may feel gyped.

So what if we create a way to standardize the MVP?
This might work in the future but what about the past 9 games of TWG? Do the hosts and players remember enough about each of these games to actually go back and figure out who should get a standardized MVP? And for the players that already won the award for those games, it would be unfair to take it away from them.

Lastly, how would the signatures get updated to show an MVP award? What if they don't win the game - how would it affect the overall design - does it change their level? etc.

Have a signature for everyone who plays the game
- Everyone gets a signature

- There's no real motivation to actually keep playing and trying to win if you already have a signature and it's that easy to get it
- This creates A TON of work for our current sig makers (Theslan and ZeroByte) as well as myself to go uploading dozens of new signatures and host them
- Again, how would it affect the overall design

Those two ideas being said, here's what I thought of -

Have a few generic TWG signatures and/or avatars that anyone can use
- You can have a signature to wear whenever you would like
- It's not player specific so it's not a lot of work
- Advertises TWG
- You still have to survive a TWG to get your own sig

- Have to find someone to make the signatures and avatars. Theslan and ZeroByte look after updating the personalized TWG signature awards so I'm not going to ask them to create these. It will be up to someone to volunteer to create generic TWG sigs or/and avatars

Let me know what you think. If you are artistic enough to come up with a generic sig please feel free to do so as well.


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    The generic sigs could say "I got wolfed/lynched and all I got was this lousy sig". tounge.gif
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    But first, we have to ask "Who would use these sigs and avatars?". Not everyone is going to use the sig or avatar.

    I have an idea of making the work of those who work on the sigs shorter.

    If you qualify for a sig(say you won it), you'll need to request for one. It's really not necessary to make a sig for someone when they're not going to 'wear' it. Anyone should be able to request for a sig created for them and/or updated at any time if they qualify for the sig.

    The request doesn't need to be something like "<X person> requests a sig every game", it should be just one topic where they must reply saying something like "I'd like a sig".

    Every person who has lived through a TWG game or hosted needs to reply saying they want a sig to be created for them, if not, there is no need to create sigs for those who don't want it or want to wear it. If anyone doesn't care if their sig is updated(to reflect wins), they could reply in the same topic that they don't want their sig to be updated each win.

    We should setup a simple system for this.

    On another note, does anyone know how to make it possibly that I have a different sig image everytime anyone refreshs the page or something like that?

    I want to be able to use all 3 sigs I have.
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