Microsoft XNA Partnership and GameFlood

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game assets now easier to get distributed
While reading my mail, I find this email about a new Microsoft XNA Partnership and a new game asset manager site called Gameflood. Don't know much about them but I think it is worth to check them out. Tell me what you think. By the way, I am not posting this as advertisment or pimping. I just want your opinion.

Microsoft XNA Partnership
A World of XNA-Compatible 3D Models
Turbo Squid’s library of compatible 3D models provides users of Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express with the high-quality 3D art assets that they need to bring their XNA-based video games to life. Turbo Squid proudly hosts a community of the world’s finest 3D artists. Through a partnership with Microsoft, we are able to make those artists’ game ready models available to users of XNA Game Studio Express.
XNA developers will find a growing supply of both free and competitively priced models in XNA Framework Content Pipeline-compatible file types (.fbx and .x) that they can incorporate into their games. As Turbo Squid artists create new content, the supply of XNA-ready art will be constantly updated on this site, so check back often.

XNA Developers:
We currently offer thousands of models in XNA-compatible formats. Check out the most popular and the newest models to the right, or click “see more” to check out our broader library of .fbx and .x models.

Turbo Squid Artists:
You can add your work to our XNA catalogue by converting your models into one of the XNA-compatible formats. XNA Game Studio users are always looking for more content; check out the XNA Developer Center to learn how best to convert your models into the formats that XNA developers are looking for.

XNA Game Studio Express
XNA Game Studio Express is a new offering designed to help interested hobbyists, academics and small indie developers explore their interests in game development. It is available as a free download that includes easy-to-use tools, cross-platform gaming libraries, starter kits and documentation that an aspiring game developer needs to begin creating exciting games for Windows and the Xbox 360.

What exactly is GameFlood?

GameFlood is the place to find and publish the best new playable content for your favorite games. We are a bridge between gamers and developers. Gamers can find new mods, mashups, characters, weapons, and maps to bring something new and interesting to their favorite game titles. Developers work better with our the powerful Workshop project collaboration system and publish their content through GameFlood directly into the game. Both can get new content into their games with our GameFlood Download Manager which downloads and installs everything without all the hassle. Just click play and you're in the game.

How does GameFlood work?
Have you ever tried installing a mod for your favorite PC game? The process of manually placing files in the required directory’s can be tedious and consuming. We have streamlined this process so making it as easy as clicking ‘Play.’ GameFlood grabs the necessary files for the maps, weapons, and characters included in the mashup and places all the files in the required folders. All you have to do is press Play, we handle it from there.

Current list of games usable by GameFlood
UT 2004
Battlefield 2
Call of duty 2
Browser [ICE]

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You can find my own NS Steam background below all done in full 3d !!!
My Artworks available at Turbosquid until I find more space
and at my DeviantArt
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    I dunno, I'm a bit doubtful. XNA sounds good in theory, but it seems mostly aimed at amateur mod-makers, which doesn't do a lot of good. There are tons of "platforms" available to amateurs already. Turbosquid isn't known for their high-quality artwork either.
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    I also remember TurboSquid as a not really legitimate source of models. There are some very good artists selling their work there, but imho they (and their buyers) just get badly ripped off by TS. And then there are those peoples selling models, textures and bvh data they do not even own the rights for (ive seen so many ripped stuff there already), or just slap some primitives together for making quick $ (and call it copyright free, game ready), for a ridiculous high price, which is not even justified by the (often really poor) quality of the mesh file.

    Its better and cheaper to model it yourself.

    I would not even buy textures there <_<. There are way better sources. As long TurboSquid exists the whole thing was always kinda fishy.

    If i would plan to sell my models i personally would stay the hell away from TurboSquid, and get my own ecommerce solution, and maybe just sell merchant resources like textures on TS, or give away free stuff there with a link to my store..

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