911 Truth

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Discuss the actual theories
There is already a thread devoted to the psychology of conspiracy theories, and why people believe in them. (and it has already degenerated to ufo garbage)

911 is becoming a huge movement, though. It is pertinent to discuss the reasons given by 911 truthers themselves as to why they believe. That's what this thread is about.

I've done some research and realized I wasn't aware of what their main ideas are. For instance, WTC7 is the main talking point for many of them, NOT special saudi flights.

If you want to be able to say anything about 9/11 conspiracy, watch the video of WTC7:

Here it is.

Watch it multiple times. The official story says it collapses due to fire. No reasonable person can watch its beautiful symmetric collapse, and believe that. It wasn't even hit by a plane. Something's goin on. I don't believe alot of the stuff the conspiracy theorists say, but this is just too strange. It prompts further investigation.


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    Nothing in that page explains the way in which it collapses. It just shows it is damaged by the collapse of 1 and 2, and quite asymmetrically at that. Again, watch the video...

    nice link though, thanks
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    Clearly all those structural engineers and fire inspectors have been doing their job wrong. Your expert opinion on the collapse has opened my mind to a whole new world. I don't know where you got your amazing architectural knowledge that makes you qualified to blow my mind, but wherever you did, I am so glad that it happened at all. I had thought it was a fire all along just because people who knew what they were talking about said it was so. How silly.
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    i claim no expert opinion. only a video...
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    I agree with Tycho. Your argument is basically an argument from incredulity. Specifically, this part:
    The official story says it collapses due to fire. No reasonable person can watch its beautiful symmetric collapse, and believe that.
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    Notice also that video is taken from behind, from the opposite side of most of the actual damage.

    What makes you say it's symmetrical? It seems to be mostly East-West symmetrical, but that video gives no reason to assume it was North-South symmetrical.

    Also, I'm glad you can conclude that if a building collapses symmetrically after having unchecked fires burning inside for 6 hours, then it must have been brought down by demolitions. Nevermind why anyone would WANT to plant Demolitions in that building, when the Prime Targets were the big towers.
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    Well, I'm not an engineer or anything resembling that, but it could be considered that a building has internally a main pillar which most of the mass rests on. If that pillar gets damaged enough, it will collapse, but it wont cause it to fall to any side because the mass is distributed symmetrically and thus will counterweight any tendency to fall to any side.

    Think of it like a cardhouse.
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    I have a theory that people that believe 9/11 conspiracies are crazy.

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    Does this thread REALLY exist?

    I mean, really, people. Really. There is a 911 TRUTH thread. In the Discussions forum. Really.

    We might as well be discussing the merits of shaking newborn babies. There's nothing to fing discuss other than the unfortunate and likely painful retardation of the people who make these pointless and glaringly faulty conspiracy videos.
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    I thought I would entertain this for awhile, but it seems that the harsh opinions on this issue's just going to lead to chaos.


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