A Little Heavy On Stickies In Here?

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Just thought I'd point it out
This forum doesn't get traffic like it used to, so it really isn't an issue, but it seems like the sticky list has gotten a little larger than it needs to be.


  • LazerLazer Members, Contributor, Constellation, NS2 Playtester Join Date: 2003-03-11 Member: 14406Posts: 1,690
    For a beginner all of those stickies are useful. When I first started mapping any place like this was a big help. I dunno I just think it's a lot better than the 200 more question topics that will pop up just because people were too lazy to search instead of having the answer stickied right infront of them.
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    Imo the Source texture remake should be artwork forum, and definitely destickied. Not to mention the fact that that thread sees barely any update.
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