1 Down, 4 To Go?

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Looks like someone decided to take this horrendous SC decision on eminent domain and turn it back on them. One small swing for our side.

Perhaps they will reconsider the ruling in light of this little business endevour? biggrin-fix.gif


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    The bit about including atlas shrugged rather than a bible was cute, but JESUS that book was bad.
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    Never had the opportunity to read it.
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    A nice sort of prank, but it won't change much in the long run. The decision remains.
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    *walks up to CD schools and thinks about putitng in a cascino*
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    It may or may not actually change anything--but its not a prank. He's actually filed the paperwork to begin the Eminent Domain process. There's a very real chance Souter might actually lose his home because of it.

    Whether or not he changes his mind on the next Eminent Domain court case remains to be seen...
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