HelloweenHelloween Join Date: 2005-01-31 Member: 39203Members, Constellation Posts: 1
where are u all ?????
Since few weeks the french ns website is down (ns-fr). I would like to know what happen.
If one of u have info about it plz let me know in this forum or if one of the
admin of this french website can read this words plz explain us what's going on.
(Si un admin du site ns-fr ou tout autre personnes qui sache ce qui ce passe avec le website voit ces lignes, svp donnez nous des info sur l'avenir du website)

Thx, merci


  • Cereal_KillRCereal_KillR Join Date: 2002-10-31 Member: 1837Members Posts: 4,943
    It's back up.

    #ns-fr on quakenet for their channel.
  • NaxoNaxo Join Date: 2003-04-10 Member: 15385Members, Constellation Posts: 267
    Our last hosting died without warning us, so we had to set up a backup website with old backups, it was accessible using another URL, and just got back available again on the regular URL.
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