Picture Wars Part Ii

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(and we're going to do it properly)
My "Picture wars" thread from last night turned out to be pretty much a success.... apart from the whole "it got locked" thing. I went to bed just after posting it and awoke to find it had gathered 10 pages of replies... and a lock.

So we're going to try it again.

And we're going to do this properly.

And we're not going to get it locked this time, are we children?

And if it does get locked again I promise I won't try to start this again..... for a while.... but if you're a mod... please try to be reasonable. I spent a ridiculously long time trying to come up with a set of rules which will ensure a lock-free experience, but as you know, make something idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

I've revised the rules for round two. Obey them at all times and not only will the thread remain (hopefully) lock-free, but Marik won't have to come round your house and murder you in your sleep.

The rules of the game (for those of you who missed part one) are as follows:

-I post a picture of something
-Someone posts a picture of something which can beat it (however you choose to define "beat")
-The next person follows up with something which can beat the last person's item


1. Images may NOT be uploaded to the forums. Bandwidth theives beware. If you got it from the web (as you probably did) just link the image, otherwise upload it to imageshack. I think you're all intellegent enough to figure out how to do that.

2. This should be a no brainer, but do not post anything which is against the forum rules. In fact, don't even post anything which is even NEARLY against the forum rules just to be safe. I'm looking in your direction CWAG. Tentacles are a rather grey area when it comes to censorship.

3. No pictures of scantily-clad females *edit* OR MALES *edit*. This is the internet, most of us could be viewing scantily clad, or even totally naked women within several clicks if we wished, but this isn't the place. Why? Because as soon as someone posts a semi-naked female, the topic has officially gone downhill.

4. YOUR PICTURE MUST BE RELEVANT. Thinking "OLOLOL! It's a picture of Flayra in a thong!" is not good enough reason to post said image, unless you can justify Flayra in a thong being able to beat the previous person's entry. In fact, Flayra in a thong would violate rule 3 anyway

5. You must have some kind of justification as to why your image beats the last person's image. A picture of princess Leia followed up with a picture of C3PO is not good enough. Why does C3PO win?

7. No overkill. A fluffy bunny should not be followed up with a nuclear bomb for instance, try to JUST beat the last person's entry.

8. No pictures of nuclear bombs/blasts. They're the most predictable thing anyone could post in this thread, so don't do it.

9. NO MAGIC THE GATHERING CARDS. If you read part one, you'll know why.

10. NO TRIBBLES! See 9.

11. NO RULE 11. This is the end of the rules.

Well, I think i've covered everything. Without further ado, I shall begin the proceedings with.......

user posted image

Note to self: Next time, turn on safesearch before image searching for "Bunny".

*edit* This may get confusing once the pictures start flying. My suggestion is that if two people reply to one person's picture with different pictures, it's up to you which you want to reply to... but try to stick to the main fight... I don't want this branching off into personal feuds.

*UPDATE* Ok, i've been informed that excessive hotlinking is baaaaaaad, so try to keep your images looking like this.
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