I Am Looking For Webcomics

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I'm always trying to find new webcomics. Well, new in the sense that I haven't read them. But I'm looking for a certain kind.

Does anyone know of any webcomics that have decent artwork, a sense of continuity, good story arcs, and, while still being funny, aren't just random gag-a-day things, but have some serious situations and character development. Comics like Questionable Content and Something Positive. Not that I don't like the other styles, I do, and I read quite a few of them, but I'm looking for something different.

To save some time, I already read these:
A Softer World
The Order of the Stick
Able and Baker
8-Bit Theatre
Venus Envy
Real Life
Questionable Content
S*P (Something Positive)
Penny Arcade
PvP Online

Anyone know of anything?
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Mantrid, you truly scare me sometimes.



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