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Splitting this cause I reached IMG limits here.

Version 1.002 (If I made a mistake, for w/e reason, lemme know)
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A comm needs:

* basic knowledge of the game NS
* knowledge of strategy
* knowledge of the CC layout

Lets start with 1 and 3. For more info read my other manuals. For now the basics in the CC layout.

user posted image This is the Command Chair (CC). ya don't need to build it @ start, its there.
user posted image Your Infantry Portal (IP) lets your rines respawn. This MUST be in the area of a CC. No IP = NO respawning rines
You need a CC to build IPs
user posted image Your ResTower (RT) gives your team resources. You use res for everything. Get as much RTs as possible.
user posted image The Armory (No short "n/s") gives ammo, sometimes medpacks. The comm can also pass out SHOTGUNS, WELDERS and MINES in its area.
A armory can be upped to a ADVANCED ARMORY. Looks the same but a comm can then also pass out HEAVY MACHINE GUNs or GRENADE LAUNCHERs.
You can also upgrade handgrenades.
Even if you do have a advanced somewhere, a normale one can NOT give GL or HMG. It can give the ammo for it though.
user posted image The armslab (n/s), gives the option to upgrade armor, weapons and catpacks. (read more below)
You can only build it if you got a armory, if you lose the lab, you lose all its upgrades till another one is build.
user posted image The Observatory (Obs) decloaks anything in range. It also gives the option to upgrade to motion tracking (MT) or phasetech (PT). You can also scan.
Read more about it below. If you lose the obs, you lose all its upgrades till you build another one. You need a armory to make one.
user posted image The prototype lab (proto) gives the option for Heavy Armor and JetPacks. You can't hand them out till you build another one, if the proto is destroyed.
You NEED a advanced armory to build it, aswell as a armslab. You can only pass out Heavy armor and jetpacks in the area of the proto.
user posted image The turret factory (TF) gives the option to place turrets. You can also upgrade it to a siege factory, which enables the option to place sieges. You can electrify (elec) a TF. If you build a TF you can also elec RTs.
user posted image A phase gate (PG) can only be build after researching phase tech (on the obs).
build 2 or more PGs and it acts as a portal to travel inbetween gates. With "use" you will go through all PGs, 1 by 1.
user posted image A turret (n/s) can only be build inrange of a TF. If the TF is gone, the turret wil seize activity.
This thing shoots anything hostile. \o/ Its rather weak though. sad-fix.gif
user posted image Siege (n/s) This must be inrange of a siege factory.
(So if your TF was destroyed, and you build another, you need to reupgrade it to siege) This will NOT attack players, but enemy structures only. But it does so with a hell of alot of power. bangbang.
Expensive thingy, shoots through walls.

The ups mentioned above:
user posted image armor1 (arm1) A up from the armslab. Upgrades armor and stays upgraded.
user posted image armor2 (arm2) kan only be upped after armor1. more armor.
user posted image armor3 (arm3) Can only be upped after armor2, even more armor.
user posted image weapons1 (dmg1 / weap1) increases dmg of all weapons, exept sieges/turrets.
user posted image weapons2 (dmg2 / weap2) more dmg, needs dmg1
user posted image weapons3 (dmg3 / weap3) even MORE dmg. needs dmg2
user posted image Jetpack (JP) Upgrades the option to pass out JetPacks.
user posted image Heavy Armor (HA) Gives the option to pass out HA.
user posted image Motion Tracking (MT). Gives circles on anything NOT visible and moving. on the map this gives dots.
Everything inrange of a enemy SC will NOT be recognised and displayed.


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