Problems With Ns?

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Tech support FAQ here
Common questions (and answers!)
Whenever I join a server, I get Your .dll (cl_dlls\client.dll) differs from the server.
Why can't I can't use voicecomm in Commander mode?
How to get Steam and NS working in Linux (scroll down a bit)?
My screen is messed up.
I'm running Windows 2000 or XP and I'm stuck at 60 fps.
NS says "software mode not supported" and doesn't work? (NS doesn't support software rendering, so try OpenGL or Direct3D instead)
NS just quits on me when I try to join a server (You must uninstall Internet Explorer beta 7, this is a Steam issue)

Common usage
Want a better way to browse for game servers?
Want extensive tips on improving your frame-rate?

Still can't find the answer you're looking for? Post your question in this forum, and be sure to describe your problem as specifically as possible. The more effort you put into writing your request completely and politely, the better chance for a quick and accurate response.

If there's a common problem that should be added to this FAQ, please write me and I'll do so. Please don't write me for tech support, please post your question in here instead (it will be answered faster here anyways).
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