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Home of finished maps
Read the posting format before posting.

This is the home for any and all released maps (that haven't gone official, obviously). This is being done in a effort to make it easier to find maps that have been pushed out of sight by newer threads. If you're submitting a map to become official, go through the regular channels. This is only for maps that have been released to the general public.

This is only for maps in a playable state. Don't add your two-halls-and-a-res-node map here. If your map is still in progress, please add a normal topic about it and keep us updated. When it's complete, it may be added to this thread.

-- Posting Format --

Map Name

One optional screenshot, 640x480 or smaller. Find your best possible screenshot and post it here if you'd like, to get people interested in your map. Try and keep filesize small as well. 24 bit bitmaps are not your best option here. JPEGs are your friends. This thread is a quick reference to maps, it shouldn't take hours to load. Incorrectly formatted screenshots will be removed.

Link to thread (If one exists)

Direct link to download

Any reply not meeting these specifications will be deleted. Maps in beta state are acceptable, as long as they are fully playable betas (since some maps seem to stay in a permanent beta state). As the map is updated, be sure to update your post here as well. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
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    ns_checkers2 by Yuniargo aka duckling, f0RkidlE, [AM]-=f0RCE=

    Link to thread:

    user posted image


    Map version: Beta 2

    Your mission is to reclaim a space docking station infested by the Kharaa. Take your time. There are only 4 hives.

    Contact information:
    email: [email protected]
    #NSMapping on as duckling
    #Quake on as f0RkidlE or Soupf0Rk
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  • Rendy_CZechRendy_CZech Life is a Koan Members Join Date: 2003-10-11 Member: 21608Posts: 470
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    co Overmind

    Version: final
    Game: combat
    Size: large
    Players: 32 optional
    Theme: Terran undeground research facility
    Location: Earth

    I started this map with vision of very big and complex layout. I wanted map, which you can't remember after first play. Map where you have always something new to explore. For better orintation I've added signs lead you throught sections of the map.

    My first map ever, don't be disgusted by Hl textures and prefabs, I've used them to attain earth theme (NS don't contain usefull concrete textures).


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  • Sir_PepeSir_Pepe Members Join Date: 2002-12-15 Member: 10845Posts: 115
    ns_enceladus final version

    A large ns classic map, located under the surface of the freezing saturn moon enceladus.

    user posted image
    Click to enlarge

    [ More screenshots ][ Download ][ Thread ]
    Planet Pepe

    ns_enceladus, co_shu, ns_fenris
  • BigDBigD [OldF] Members Join Date: 2002-10-25 Member: 1596Posts: 1,056 Advanced user

    The post.

    The download.

    Concept: Marines literally start above the aliens! 3 floors of a space station for you to have fun on!
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    ns_shiva beta 3
    user posted image
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  • Rendy_CZechRendy_CZech Life is a Koan Members Join Date: 2003-10-11 Member: 21608Posts: 470
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    ns Hulk

    Version: beta 3 (functional)
    Game: classic
    Size: medium
    Players: 16-20 optional
    Theme: spaceship interior
    Location: UCC Cerebus - terran spacecraft

    UCC Cerebus, one of the few TSA ships equipped with a
    hyperspace engine unit. Before her disappearance from
    the Sol sytem two years ago, her ongoing mission was to
    establish contact with new lifeforms in distant regions
    of the Universe. Until just a few hours ago all contact
    with the ship had been lost. At 23.6.2244 8:06 PM,
    UCC Cerebus waspicked up on radar in close proximity to
    Space Station Nothing. All communication attempts from
    the residentTSA garrison at SSN have failed.

    Space Station Nothing's executive TSA officer has decided
    to send out small Frontiersmen unit to investigate the
    situation. You now find yourself in the company of these men,
    sitting in a dropship bound for the UCC Cerebus. Peering out
    through a visual in the dropship a gargantuan asteroid can be
    seen, embedded in the hull of the seemingly lifeless ship.
    You glance up at the scanner readout as initial data from the
    ship flashes up on the screen:


    As you look around all you see are blank faces, masks painted
    from an indelible monotone palette and cut from the archetypal
    mould that is a Frontiersman's basic training. Their purpose is
    to give the impression that this is just another routine operation,
    but you know that behind each facade is the same cocktail of emotions
    that's being shaken up inside you. The anticipation, the excitement,
    the fear.

    Docking clamps awkwardly shunt into position around you jolting
    this tin can claustrophobia in which you've found yourself imprisoned.
    But it won't last long, you tell yourself as your eagerness to break
    the tedium rises up inside you like a bloodlust. You can almost taste
    the challenge that lies ahead, that which you have dreamt for for so
    long. As you take your first steps out onto the deck of the
    UCC Cerebus -adrenaline coursing through your veins- you know what
    it is to be a Frontiersman.

    Background story written by Stephen "Crispy" Etheridge, based on
    an original concept by Rudolf "Rendy" Klenovsky.



    pixtor soon
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    Map - Ns_Blackhawk

    IPB Image

    Here is the topic -

    Here is the download -

    {edit} Fixed link to downlad
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  • unslordunslord Members Join Date: 2004-06-01 Member: 29059Posts: 23

    Refinery Station Marineris

    user posted image

    [Thread] [Download]
  • Grey_HawkGrey_Hawk Members Join Date: 2002-11-03 Member: 6505Posts: 12
    co_drillchuck by GreyHawk

    user posted image
    (click to enlarge)

    Link to Thread: click here

    Download: click here

  • uffouffo Members Join Date: 2003-05-03 Member: 16026Posts: 583
    co_futile final+ collector's edition

    user posted image

    download co_futile
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    submit it. now.
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    user posted image

    Link to Topic

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    user posted image

    thread: ns_takeback release

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    is just a simple 4fun combat map...

    marines spawn at one side an aliens at other, u can jump cuz when u reach the end u are teleported to the beguin, if u fall at one side, u will back to the same side like the draw...

    IPB Image

    ICQ: 89409609
    MSN: [email protected]
    e-mail: [email protected]
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    Game type: Classic
    Layout: Semi "horizontal" symmetrical: Hallways and some rooms would be slightly different due to being on different levels, it'll try to simulate a true battleship layout
    Map class: Serious
    Size: Large
    Env_gamma: 1.6
    Final resnodecount:11

    This is the new and improved version of ns_achio_v1b2. This map is based on
    the old map, but other then that it's completely rebuilt from scratch.

    Some of the layout location has roughly remained the same, lot's of the
    old areas have also remained but have had a total style revision. Not only that,
    this map is smaller then the old version. Yet I've managed to get some new
    "never seen before" areas in Achio.

    I�ve tried even more to lay the emphasis on Achio being a huge battle ship with
    the use of lot�s of exterior views. This map also has the 2 button door, which
    has to be opened either by two marines, two aliens or a smart gorge with it�s
    spit ball. However in this map this will open up a true double res, the one in
    the original Achio had only one resnode and one already accessible close by.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this version of the map, also I�m always in for
    feedback on the layout or other improvement/bugs I can fix.

    Most important map features:
    • Unique gameplay additions:
      • Hives based bacterium lockdown resnodes
      • Weldable resnode
      • Alien only trough wall teleporter, similar to the movement chamber
      • Two button security door
    • The map is moddeled to resemble a realistic ship layout as close as possible
    • Huge external views of the ships external hull
    • Story based custom sky texture
    • The readyroom is actually inside of the frigate TSA Cerberus, also seen on sky texture. Possible followup combat map
    • A dropship in the readyroom, which is also present in the marinestart. Linking them together
    Link to thread

    Latest version:
    ns_achio_v2b5 release date, Jul-26-2007:

    Most important additions/fixes:
    - The map is now compatible with NS 3.2 (transparant minimaps included)
    - The aft alien trough wall teleporter is now only useable when the aft engine hive is alive (thanks puzl for fixing the hive targetondeath)

    Mirror hosted by
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  • StixNStonzStixNStonz Members, Reinforced - Shadow Join Date: 2006-11-06 Member: 58439Posts: 1,185 Fully active user
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    Currently in Beta 2

    IPB Image

    Note: That screen is a lot darker than in-game.

    -every hive is a viable second hive, from any first hive (due to map layout, completely unlike most NS maps)
    -never-before-seen gameplay (the Shafts especially)
    -balanced, symmetrical rt layout
    -many weldables; some important ones, some less important, some help for secret passages
    -secret passages. No fake walls or hidden buttons, but simply maneuvreable architecture paths that are exceptionally hidden to the naked eye
    -sprawling ventilation system, very scary for marines, and very useful for aliens and ninjas
    -very detailed

    Download Here!

    Thread Here, with more screens
    Professional Game and Level Designer, thanks to NS!
    Creator of Ns_Nexus (ns1); Main thread found here.
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    Download : : Overview
    Entity Count: 250

    Update 02.12.2009: Links updated... (Finally!)
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  • cgamerscgamers Members Join Date: 2006-12-26 Member: 59253Posts: 3
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    Well i call it v1 because it should now be playable after gameplay tests and it will be the last version of this map before, hopefully, NS2. It is a bit empty, this map but the Plan is to include some more Structures in the next version.
    IPB Image

    The Idea was that the Maries found some kind of entrance, a portal into another World (thanks to unsichtbar for givin his stargate texture). The Style of this map is pretty dark but as you will possibly see on the other screenshots if you follow the download link there are welderpoints in every important area of the map. With these the marines are able to welder themselfs some light to get advantages inside these areas. And it has the Quake 3 jumppoint-thingies. ^^
    What i like to request is your Opinion, critics for gameplay that may be important to know for a NS2 map which can be posted anonymously behind the download link.
    Thank you.


    P.S. You will find some more of my costom maps behind the Download Link
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  • NEX9NEX9 Members Join Date: 2005-03-08 Member: 44299Posts: 1,642
    oh well at least the map name ns quke is getting some good use.. runs off to think of another name
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  • WhiteKnight1WhiteKnight1 Members Join Date: 2005-01-10 Member: 34765Posts: 15

    set on a space ship in space.

    Link to screenshots and download here

  • BigDBigD [OldF] Members Join Date: 2002-10-25 Member: 1596Posts: 1,056 Advanced user
    Mirror 1 : Mirror 2
  • Cosmic_FlareCosmic_Flare Members Join Date: 2007-03-07 Member: 60276Posts: 39 Fully active user
    Idk how to ma, but I thought ns_machina should be commemorated or commented on. That map wasn't that great, in terms of gameplay, but it was a heluva map. Seriously. Don't believe me, press f4 to the RR.

    You will stare for DAYS biggrin-fix.gif

    -notice unique asteroid design

    -the marine ship docks in the machina

    -the freakin planet behind it all

    -=TH=- Apocalyptic Meteor... out.
  • CodeStrikeCodeStrike Members Join Date: 2007-04-25 Member: 60717Posts: 4
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    a yes, This is a MVM map. they detail are about avrage, but the scripted sequences make up for that.


    The map is about two marine teams who fight with each other.
    this is outside, inside, underground and alien side.
    the oh so famous "Test Chamber" it's Machine is used (was little hard to remake, so its a little differant).
    as we all know, this goes teribly wrong, and the teams get teleported to the xen border world.
    this takes some time, made into 4 scenes which need to be triggered in order to activate the machine, and so the portal.
    this is the major special feauture, but we all know, a bunker without a nuke, that's no bunker.

    Click Here

    Click Here

    IPB Image
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  • uffouffo Members Join Date: 2003-05-03 Member: 16026Posts: 583
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    forgot this thread alltogether.
    anyway, here goes:

    co_perkele - download
    youtube video
    own thread

    and lowsy screenshots:

    IPB Image
    :: Join the TSA they said. See the galaxy they said ::
    - Finished: co_perkele
    - In progress: ns2_perkele2
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