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Want your maps featured on
As you may or may not know, the new is currently being built, and we're all working hard to bring you lovely content for the launch of the site!

As part of this, I'd like to run a feature of some of the latest mapping achievements of the NS Mapping Community. Like Custom Map Week, but on a smaller scale. What I'm looking for is to feature are three maps in a stage of completion or near-completion.

So, if you want your map on, e-mail me at saneysaney [AT] with the subject " Map Feature" and the following details:

- Your name.
- The name of your map.
- A link to three screenshots of your map (I don't mind if you attatch them, but a link would be better).
- A short description of your map (about 250 words).

And, if your map is completed:

- A link to a download.

The deadline for submisson of these maps will be 25 September. Don't worry if I don't feature your map, as I plan to do this reasonably regularly, and I may feature yours next time!

So, get up in that muh! smile-fix.gif


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