Have The Brain... Don't Have The Brawn

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So to speak...
Hello mapping community! I've been designing some NS_Maps since the re-release of Bast (not long I know) and have been trying to follow the same "Bast feeling" but not outrightly copying Bast. (I like its multi level style and its MS but seeing it worked out on Bast with the elevator guess it wouldn't be so good to include in any map designs.)

Anyway enough of that... I'm ranting. As I said in my post I "claim" to have the brain but not the brawn meaning that I believe I design fair balanced NS maps but cannot bulid them in the mapping program provided with half-life. (I seriously don't understand it sad-fix.gif)

And I would like to invite you the mappers to create the maps so other players can enjoy them, or at the very worst get so **** of at them the end up on the junk pile with the rest.

I have 2 full map designs created both NS one following a ship style layout featuring a docking bay for MS (how unoriginal, I know) Engine Room (bast thief! smile-fix.gif), Scrub Control, Main Hold, Crew Quarters, canteen, Bridge, Murky corridors (I hope) and possibly an extensive Vent system following the example set by nancy.

My 2nd map is based around the idea of NS_Mineshaft and the opening story of NS itself that attracted so many of us to play this game smile-fix.gifSix Days in Sanji
Another Multi layoured map with a smaller vent network and featuring more "carved" corridors and less open areas to the ship map. (I have to come up with names still for each map.)
This one will contain areas such as Human Cargo, Materials Handling Bay, Drill Control, Drill Main, Drill Carcass, Crew Quarters (again), power core and as in Senji an alien area where the aliens came from (uneven terrian but should be flat areas for construction of TFs etc. This may need rethinking about on my part.)
Also with this alien area I'm looking at Biodome on that map which the name of escapes me right now for inspiration adding in harmless alien plants of sorts "offering light" etc.

Anyway that a brief outline of those two map concepts if anyone likes them I'll try to get my hands on a scanner to get the sketchs of the map drawn in.... Plus I made need a modeler for the 2nd map (one hell of a complicated map if it was to be made, I warn you)
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    first try this your self, if you cant do it your self, then this project will be dead. trust me. and when you feel confident of letting other people see your work, and helping you out. then start a whole lot of stuff.
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    Left NS due to player bases being better in other games.
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    Well, you can certainly put your ideas out there, but in all likelihood, the best you can hope for is that someone will use your ideas in their own map and credit you for them. The creation of a good looking balanced ns map is a herculean task, and though it's great if you can find someone to make your vision, most people are only going to be willing to make their own. Good luck though, and I'd like to see your ideas. smile-fix.gif
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    I'd rather help you make it yourself than make it for you. Mapping may be long and laborious, but once you've started you'll just get better and better as you keep going...

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    I'm not trying to be rude or Thursdayish, but I kind of have to say "You and 50 others." I believe you do have good ideas and you are encouraged to post them but most of us here already do our own projects and don't have time to pick up new maps during then. As stated you could let people use the ideas in their maps and get credited for it, but it could be a long-shot trying to get somebody to build you a whole map. Mapping an NS map takes month(s) with all the playtesting involved, and not many would be up for something that takes that long unless they were paid heh.

    Good luck with your maps though.
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    Also, not to sound mean, but, the title of the thread is a bit irritating (at least to me). Anyone can sketch a layout, but to turn one into an enjoyable map is what takes real skill. It's like saying "I could make a great gaming engine if only I understood Physics and Programming." Yes, creativity is important, but it means nothing if you can't get the idea turned into a complete work.
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