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no flame just opinions ideas
But yes, the marines have been ripping it up with this new, aliens have to evolve thing. Because the marines can upgrade instantly, and aliens have to sit and evolve to something better, just to defend their hive, but never get a chance cause they get shot as eggs, and then spawn as a skulk again. It was said that this change was made so you did not have to be stuck as one thing all the time, so you could gorge if need be etc. But it has made it has made it bias now for marines.

What i think would be better, but still have the same result. Is to have a refund thing, say your fade, but you want to be a lerk. Then all you do is evolve from fade to lerk, and you get that extra point back. But have it so you can only downgrade evolutions, unless you have the extra few points required for the higher evolution. That way you can still emergency gorge, if you need too. Same with marines, if you bought a GL and you think it was a bad idea, just sell it back for your sg, or trade it for a HMG. Although im not sure about being able to change back and forth between JP and HA or switching between GL and HMG for free rounds, that would be kind of lame. So have it so you'll spawn the next time with what ever you chose.

Someone mentioned that the jp sound is much better, but i think its an awful sound :\ It's a really loud high pitched buzzing noise, that hurts my ears. So i replaced all my sounds from the previous version, the old jp sounded fine.

The wave spawning, this i like. But it seems a little too slow sometimes. 2 skulks and I took out the cc, and just after we killed it, 8 marines spawn. Perhaps change it so everyone has thier own respawn timer, and when you die, so many seconds later you reinforce, but not queue them up, so if 2 people die at the same time, they both spawn at the same time. This should shorten up those gaps where the enemy can take out you cc or hive without resistance. Unless thats how it works now :\
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    i think it's too early to judge it, btw it was mainly a bugfix patch.
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    the wave spawn is being owned by GL,. just it
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    I was playing on a server which had a hacker on it and he was owning all 5 aliens every spawn wave, and it took a while for us to realize he was cheating, everyone was spamming GOD THIS NEW SPAWN SUCKS SO HARD! Lol, it was pretty funny, but this hacker did ruin the game for everyone.
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    Aliens got screwed bigtime.
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    VB, that's maybe the tenth post you've posted with nearly the exact same content. Please read this.

    By the way, that link posted right there goes for everybody. Read it!
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    i think the alien reset thing had good intentions, but i think it may just be a bad thing in the end, because it kind of gives aliens a slow start when they respawn. but, it does give them an advantage when your pretty far into CO and someones like "so, the hives at 20%... wheres the gorge?"

    or, if you go focus, and then want to go something else, you havent used 2pts on something you'd rather not use as an onos.

    i think if they did the same thing for marines, it wouldnt be so bad, because it does suck when someone is like "we need a welder, or gls, or etc.." and like 5 people dont tell anyone they are getting it, and then you have like half your team with the same stupid thing.

    i agree with the idea that this was mostly a bug fixing patch, not a huge gameplay change. thats what beta4 was for.

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    Combat sucks... You just noticed this? confused-fix.gif
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