The Ms Paint Game

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great party game
OK I will be sharing the MS paint game with you today. This is something I often play when I have some friends over.
The way the game works is this. One player covers his/her eyes and draws a random scribble in MS paint. The second player has to turn it into as cool a picture as possible. Often times this goal is interpreted to draw the "most lewd" picture as possible. You can do whatever.
Download the GIF that is posted here, and then draw on it in paint, and resubmit it.
I dunno if there will be enough input to do a "contest" ... so when you draw your picture, just make a scribble of your own.


Here is the first scribble...
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In short, stop just looking at screenshots and thinking "JESUS CHRIST! THAT ENGINE IS PERFECT BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE x GAME! MY COLON EXPLODED!"
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