Steam Is Dead

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...or is it?
Steam fired up fine today, but I can't play anything, and is down. Is anybody else able to play?
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    I hereby recruit you to the [STEAM SUX] clan, os [S.S] in short. We expect you to be an active member, and react every single frustration you have, at steam. Furthermore, you must send 30 hatemails to valve each month as a contribution.

    Seriously though, I think you just got one of those problems where you have to keep trying to reinstall/update for 30 mins. It will probs work for some dark reason on random try #42.
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    Calm down guys.

    Jeez. If you didnt hate steam so much, it would probably work for you. Steam is alot better than the old system, but still has slight bugs. Every good thing takes time work, and cooperation. So dont be a **** about it, and just go with the flow.
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    I hate steam so much except for the 99% of the time it just works fine! Boy it makes me so mad! tounge.gif

    Seriously even with the odd hiccups here and there it is still groovy to get these micro patches and fixes basically "free", get a usable server list GUI, a friends IM, etc., and now with new and improved BitTorrent it will be even better.
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    To be honest I can't see anything that makes steam majorly better than WON. However I do think people have the right to flame or whine all they want at steam/valve, they paid for the game for christ sake.
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    So go do it on their time, not ours.
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