2 wallpapers (800x600)

Raven-NevermoreRaven-Nevermore Join Date: 2002-10-18 Member: 1534Members Posts: 2
Hey, I made this two wallpapers. Maybe someone would like to put them on Desktop :-)

Hafe fun with this...





  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu Anememone Join Date: 2002-03-23 Member: 345Members Posts: 10,501
    I would like em, but there is no rhyme or reason and the pics are outdated. Nice try though; I can't do ANYTHING. Literally.
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  • Llama_KillerLlama_Killer Join Date: 2002-07-30 Member: 1029Members Posts: 576
    thats good if you make one with outdated pics and modern ones you could make an evolution of NAtural Selection wall papaer that i would definatly put up!
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  • Raven-NevermoreRaven-Nevermore Join Date: 2002-10-18 Member: 1534Members Posts: 2
    I don't know where to get new pix about NS. I just found NS yesterday while surfing around a bit.
  • LegionnairedLegionnaired Join Date: 2002-04-30 Member: 552Members, Constellation Posts: 3,260

    Well, teh release is coming soon, why not just wait it out, and grab some pics off of HLMV?
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  • ChromeAngelChromeAngel Join Date: 2002-01-24 Member: 14Members, NS1 Playtester, Contributor Posts: 2,677
    Welcome Raven-Nevermore.  A lot of action shots get posted  in the General forum and on Readyroom.org.  Of course some of the shots in the mapping forum will blow you away too.

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  • SurgeSurge asda4a3sklflkgh Join Date: 2002-07-14 Member: 944Members Posts: 1,962
    Where can I find a desktop with chibiness?
  • MoleculorMoleculor Namer-of-Bob Join Date: 2002-01-24 Member: 9Members Posts: 3,694 Fully active user
    Yeah, the first one's smaller pictures contain some really old concept art, but that's alright. I still like it. Really like it.

    You can find some more recent stuff on www.readyroom.org
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