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My rant to you of the General Forum.
Basically, I'll admit- I'm pretty fed up with a lot of the people in the General Forum. I've never liked it much, even WAY before 2.0. Just...well, it was too general. But right when I was starting to like it(a few days before 2.0), these people come. Then they spam the forum with "Isn't this annoying?!" "I don't like this!" "Its so unbalanced!" "My LMG should kill a Onos!" "Shotguns are too Powerful!" and the such threads.

And I'm now saying, please, stop. Just stop. This is a general discussion board. If you want to say how unbalanced something is, or how this is annoying, put it in one of the already exhisting threads.

Also, every last person who knows anything about NS right now KNOWS about the unbalanced design, and the few annoying quirks. As I said before, they've been said countless times, and they just need to stop. Right now, their working on it. If you wanna see the newest beta of NS2.0, then go to any server that says "2.01d" in the name, or on the list in the appropriate forum. Then, talk on here about how you like such and such feature, and the other annoying bits, in ALREADY EXHISTENT THREADS.

Mods/Admins, I'm sorry for posting this, but I gotta be honest- please, sticky this or something, just help get it to stop. Or something. Its driving many of us dedicated forumers crazy.
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    i tend to agree with you there

    the forums here seem to be more about arguing the point of a post, and criticising one sentence in someone's post taken way out of context. Also note the excessive use of quoting of other people's posts in order to flame or non-constructively criticise them.

    Just reading through the thread about 2.01d, the appraisal of this patch has turned into an off-topic debate about whether armor/weapons upgrades should come first. All in < 20 posts.

    gg confused.gif
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    I also must agree with you on this. The first few "balance" posts were okay because people would rationally explain what they have a problem with, and others would explain their views. Now I avoid any thread that has "balance", "overpowered", "problem", etc etc etc in their titles or descriptions. And most of my post percentage used to be in General Discussion, but ever since my shift away from them, they've taken second place to Off Topic (which isn't a bad thing per se, but it is evidence from at least one person on their take on the "balance" posts). People should be discussing how fun certain aspects of the game are, instead of constantly complaining about which side has the advantage. If someone dislikes the game so much, perhaps they should find something else to play.
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    hahahahaha well the general forum, and NS forums seem to sap my NS playing time. No good! I need less talk, more pwn. smile.gif
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    The ironic thing about this thread is that it's been discussed before. biggrin.gif
    Thank you NS Team for my new addiction. I play 24/7!
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    I know it has, this just happened to be the day I broke. mad.gif

    So...will someone sticky this, and lock it? Comon...you know you agree with me, mods.
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    This is a forum! its what forums are for... TO TALK
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    we do our best to end the threads about such things.. i do agree but if you consider what you are complaining about i'd have to say this thread fits right in there.. another "i dont like this" thread.. so.. lets just pretend this didnt happen and try to bare with us as we try to get everyone under control.. ok? <3 to you and hope things start getting better here so you dont have a break down tounge.gif

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