Omg Why

ElectricSheepElectricSheep Join Date: 2003-04-21 Member: 15716Members Posts: 718
Ive reDLed 2.0 once because of bugs and I have fileplanet version. But on many servers NOT ALL i have MANY bugs that others don't have. My Bilebombs go straight and look like acid rockets, my blink sounds like xenocide, my primal scream sounds like leap et cetera. WHY!!! On some servers like redphive I have no problem. But on Absolut, Roobs and the NS 2.01 beta server I have these Problems. Do i need to reinstall again? I orignally installed the redphive version but it was so buggy on every server i trashed it and got the Fileplanet one. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif It's really annoying and can actually hurt me in some ways. Any help?


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