Ns_sugarlump back-story?

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From one viewpoint, anyway.
Sergeant George Morley - UCC Rosencreutz (temporary assignment by TSA)

So, why are you here?

Initially, to serve as protection for the crew on the UCC Rosencreutz, and due to recent events, we're about to perform an extraction mission on the surface of Sefirot.


Fourth, and largest, moon of the sole planet in this system, a gas giant.

This system? The planet?

I am not at liberty to say.

In other words, you don't know. So, what is the mission?

Recently, contact was lost with the research base on Sefirot. It was soon possible to resume transmissions, but unforeseen issues arose.

'Soon possible'? That's a nice way of describing two weeks of chaos on-board the UCC Rosencreutz, attempting to reboot the base's mainframe. And 'issues'?

The location of the base's operatives has not yet been determined.

And the cargo module? Nice job of quarantining this place, by the way.

A standard cargo module had been directed towards the UCC Rosencreutz by an out-system TSA supply ship. Near arrival of the module, it was discovered that the supply ship was subject to a class 4 infestation. Due to a miscalculated trajectory, the module crash-landed near the Sefirot base.

Thirty-six hours later, all transmissions with the base ceased. That was quick.

When contact with the base returned, an infestation had taken hold, presumably due to alien material on the cargo module. The infestation was still in the early stages of development, possibly a class 1. The crew quarters of the base were still unbreached, and no damage was evident.

Which doesn't exactly explain where the crew went, does it.

It is assumed the crew have taken refuge in another part of the base.

Another part of the base, which happens not to be connected to the surveillance network? Yes, that sounds likely. Tell me, what was the purpose of this research base? Why the secrecy? Why come to this cold, useless, forgotten moon?

I... I don't know.

Yeah, you don't. The infestation's just an aside, isn't it. Something down there made forty-three people disappear, without a trace. Only clue was the mainframe. It hadn't crashed, had it?

We believe it suffered memory corruption, which caused it to enter an infinite loop.

Infinite loop? You managed to get a partial memory dump. That wasn't a ####### infinite loop - that was some insanely complex program. Self-modifying code, endlessly re-writing itself. The entire network was filled with the stuff. The only thing left unchanged was the firmware, the only reason you got the damn thing rebooted. And the explanation?

I... I... I'm not at liberty to say.

Some explanation, eh? So, in an hour's time, you'll be on the surface, confronting ####-knows-what with the additional fun of a class 2 infestation, with no idea as to what has happened. Have you got anything to say?

I... I'm afraid.


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