'' Joe's adventure ! '' A Subanutica story ( apparently )

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NOTE : I made this story because i had nothing to do and boredom (: Have fun with these cheese and salad hamburger

DAY 1 : This is Joe's PDA recording....i didn't had a good land, but i can't say i didn't get lucky, my Lifepod at least landed on the water and not deeper where my chances of survival probably were just 60% . Now i
can see through my window the Aurora, i'd say it's no chance of making it work again,sadly . When i landed something of the hatch on top broke,i will try to force it open and then go out and see what interesting specimens or.... i think alien resources i find.

DAY 2 : Well i managed to open the hatch . Now i have bad news and good news. The bad news is that the power source of the Lifepod stability module has been greatly injured,it may sink at any moment so i need to fix it quick ! The good news is...well... that i am still alive to write this . I'll see what i can find in the emergency locker, might be something good .

DAY 3 : Well the emergency locker didn't have anything good, just useless Nutrient Blocks . I think i am forced to go underwater if i want to survive . I am very thirsty and i don't want to risk myself drinking this water, God knows what type of alien thing might be contaminated with . * 2 hours later * Well i think'ed about this and....... i will go underwater. Chance of being eaten as soon as i drop down are of 60% and hopefully finding something interesting or good for survival are 40% . Of course i will go in the water, if i don't go i will die anyway. Well, here goes nothing......

DAY 4 : I think God still has his eye on me, the place i landed is safe,no predators,no threat,no danger. A lot of different fish and resources that might even help with my survival . But still there are not very much different resources, just titanium,cooper,quarts and some cave sulfur that i can get only if some sort of self-destruct fish comes out of his hideout . Nothing more .

DAY 5 : My PDA announced me that one of the fish here, with some sort of pink things can produce,apparently,water ! My lack of water makes me go find him and never go to the surface until i do . * 10 minutes later * YES ! I finally found one ! Now i will transform it into water with my fabricator. ( don't ask me how is possible ) Oh,oh.... the pure and clean water, so good. PDA say's that my vital sings are coming back to normal .

DAY 6 : I have done more than just catching a fish on the last day . I have done very...very much progress, i build a Scanner,Repair Tool and a Flashlight . The Scanner i build first because without it was impossible to know how to build the other ones . I plan for the next day to go at some sort of green and long grass close to my Lifepod . From here i see that is something yellow on them that glows at night.

DAY 7 : Well,i got there and now i know what that green and long things are, but with that i encountered my first predator . The scans show that his name is Stalker and that he is the single real predator on a distance of 150 M of the Lifepod . Looks like he is attracted of metal and that sometimes he loses teeth because of that , might be helping in the future .

DAY 8 : Near my Lifepod is some wreck of the Aurora,there is where i found enough Seaglide fragments to craft one, i go gather the materials then build it . I build the Seaglide ! Now i can move very fast underwater and go gather oxigen more quickly if i go to even bigger depth's . I also made an bigger Oxygen Tank so that i will not need to go to surface every 5 minutes .

DAY 9 : Today i decided to go even further away of the Lifepod,past the green things . And then i find myself on some sort of sand floor with red grass on it . There i was welcomed by 3 new species : One of them is some sort of shark that crawls under sand, it is hostile to my . Another one is little, scans indicate that his name is Biter and he is also hostile with me . Then..... well .... i have 3 words for you ..... OH MY GOD ! . I heard some sort of big like whale noise. I look'ed up and then i saw him ..... a freaking GIGANTIC flying mushroom, and not just one,there were like 6 or 7 of them..... including even kids of their species. Well in that moment i said in my mind '' This is it,was a good life '' but,apparently, they are harmless . Scans show that they are called Reefbag's and that they are in a category named Leviathan . I don't know from where comes the name '' Leviathan '' but at least i know they are harmless .

DAY 10 : Well,today i build a even bigger Oxygen Tank so i can go even deeper, now i can last more than 10 minutes underwater without problems . I have gone back to the red grass location and this time i saw something i missed last time, some sort of big hole . When i reached the end of it,i find myself in a complete new location, at 150 M below sea level . There were some big and small purple type of glowing mushrooms and i saw that sometimes some sort of snakes with fast speed are bouncing out of them . When i get close to some of the mushrooms, if a snake like this is hiding in it , he will try to bite me. They are purple and pink colored with tow large and sharp teeth reaching out of their mount. Also tow more types of little fish, one is pretty much just an eye and the other one is a different version of the Peeper, a fish that is like everywhere near my Lifepod . With that being said i want to tell that i found new materials on the red grass location and here at this purple mushrooms : Gold,Silver ore, Lead, Lithium,Magnetite and even Diamond !

** INTERMISSION ** : If you got here means that your taking your own time to read my log's based on my adventure, thank you .

DAY 11 : On the red location i found enough Seamoth fragments to learn to craft it ! A fully operational deep diving with no oxigen needed to live machine ! Now i can go to 200 M below sea level,but ..... it's still not enough, God know's how deep this alien ocean really is . I gathered all the materials needed for the Seamoth ! Now i don't need to worry of the oxigen anymore,YES ! Oops.... look's like i need something called Mobile Bay or something like that to craft the Seamoth, fragments for it can be found at the red grass location . Well then i go !

DAY 12 : The Seamoth is build, and now with the celebration of that and from curiosity, i will go to the Aurora to see if there are any survivors or at least good loot that i can save . ~ 10 minutes later ~ I....i.....i am in a VERY,VERY bad situation here ! When i got near the Aurora, some type of GIANT sharp teeth,long, with 4 eyes, red and white colors and 4 type of claws stuck on the head creature attacked me, IT'S HUGE ! He grabbed my Seamoth with his 4 claws and now he is just making my puke, but i need to survive ! ~ 5 minutes later ~ I think God really loves me ! Somehow i managed to get away of that creature, i think is even bigger than the flying mushrooms in the red grass location ...... And with a magic spell i think i managed to scan it, scans show that he is a Leviathan class creature that can destroy my Seamoth if it grabs it 2 or 3 times without my repairing it .... Also a Congratulations note ? Well thanks but it was like hell of a hard to scan it ! Now i will go inside the Aurora see what i can find and hopefully make it back to my Lifepod in one piece, with the Seamoth too .

DAY 13 : Well i entered the Aurora and it was very damaged, but also i found an creature that prefers land and not water ? Of course it was too good to be true and he attacked my when he saw my. A spider like body, a giant big eye on the top, scans indicate that he lives almost every time on land . But now let's continue about what i found on the Aurora. Well a lot of good stuff ,mostly just filtered water and battery's . No survivor,sadly. But i found enough fragments to build a Prawn Suit,some suit that is made of metal and has multiple advantages . Got a dragon toy and an miniature Aurora figure . Nothing much more there . Now was the part when i needed to go back to my Lifepod........ close to that Leviathan, God wish me luck and power to make it past him !

DAY 14 : Getting past the Leviathan was a success ! That bastard didn't see me, i think . Well anyway am... today's update, i recently have gone to collect materials for the Prawn Suit. I was unlucky, i didn't find but one material : Ruby . I look'ed everywhere near my Lifepod and further at the red grass location and i didn't found even one. Also my Seamoth needs an Depth Module MK 1 upgrade,because is pretty hard to manipulate under 200 M, at some point it will even take hull damage,it's annoying . But unfortunately for that i need an upgrade machine and to do it i need an Habitat Builder that i will craft right now . Sadly, even if i have the upgrade machine i will need something called Moonpool to insert the upgrade. The single way i can obtain Moonpool fragments is going very close to 200 M . I'll see what i can do and then come with a solution for this problem .

DAY 15 : I decided to go and get Moonpool fragments and there i made an impressive discovery. Near the location where i found the Moonpool fragments it was another Lifepod ! That Lifepod had the Second Officer Keen on board ! Well, a shame because it is destroyed and the single thing i could find was a PDA recording like mine,but not so long. It had the exact location of a place. I don't know what is there but i wanna see ! But it is way deeper than i expected, it is somewhere at 250 M or even 300 M , my Seamoth in this state will do nothing good, of course i may try to go with the Seaglider and hopefully have enough oxygen to make it back . Also i found the Moonpool fragments ! Now all i need is the upgrade machine and i can finally make my Seamoth to go deeper ! Btw, i didn't know that PDA's can have locations attached to them ! I may try to do it and hopefully someone will respond and save me ! .

DAY 16 : Today i am planning to go for the upgrade machine fragments . If i will make it, i will say to myself that i am a good survivor.....Why? Because to get that fragments i will need,again, to go very near 200 M .... . I am back from collecting the fragments and the mission was a success ! Now i will craft the Habitat Builder and then i can finally make my Seamoth go deeper ! After all this..... i made it ! My first upgrade for the Seamoth, now it can go to 300 M without problems, NICE ! . Now that i have the Seamoth upgrade, i can go to Officer Keen's attached location to the PDA i found ...... or at least try .

DAY 17 : Today i decided to go to the location attached on the PDA from Keen but.... his location is,again, very close to the maximum depth my Seamoth can go to, it's somewhere at 280-290 M below,so..... i think i will go there with the Seaglide and not risk . Found the Lifepod ! Again,nobody is here but are tow different PDA's, one of them has an location for all the crew to met and the other one is a voice log . I think tomorrow i will try to go to that location and hope somebody is alive and if not.... i will try myself to send a message to all others that i hope made it and send them an location of my Lifepod to help and eventually make a plan of getting out of this cursed planet ! .

DAY 18 : Well to my surprise, there is actually real land on this planet, is an little island. There was the location of the crew meeting but....no one was there,nobody knew or they didn't make it ? Anyway i know that Keen is dead.....he even said it in his PDA recording. There i found three different construction of the Degasi crew last known three members . Again, didn't found no type of human, just annoying little spiders... There were a lot of PDA recordings, one of them said that they might be in the ocean,still alive ! I need to find them so it's at least a chance we can survive . Sadly i didn't have time to sent the help message to other Lifepods but i will do it tomorrow. Until then i will try build a base and fix some parts of the Lifepod to make progress.

DAY 19 : - I am recording ? - Yes ? Good !
- This is Joe from Lifepod 15 and i require help ! I will give water and food for who will come to me so we can have at least a chance to survive ! I will attach my current location to all of you...also for safety i will send an photo of my current location for those who can't access the current location . - Sending...... NOW !

DAY 20 : Good, now that i send that, i hope someone will come to me, i hope so at least.....anyway in the mean time of that day i managed to do very much upgrades for the Seamoth and even find enough fragments to make a Cyclops ! I did some exploring of the PDA and i found the location of Ruby's, i saw that the closest location is an island and that under it are stuck Ruby's, well at least that is what the PDA says...... I will go soon to see if it is real.

DAY 21 : Today i will go to that island,hope i can find any survivor,supply or even new specimens ! I will go now..... ~ 20 minutes later ~ Now that i am here ^%#9h^%$3321*(run ! then i will see what i can do... again i found some of this weird spider looking creatures, scans indicate that his name is Crawler and that he_*^%*&%$##&(% #2run*((&now ! well that is interesting. And a thing that is massive is some sort of giant black and green made of some sort of metal tower. Also i found a Purple Tablet, it says that it needs to be placed on *7^%$78(*65$$no*((77^details*&^%$run. OK now that i am in i can see what alien things can be here. Found this some sort of green and glowing cubes around here and the scans indicate that is called Ion Cube or something and that it contains *&65$38((*&^%%)get*8&&out88*. Also i found some sort of special machine that injected my and said i am infected....about what kind of infection we are talking about,i don't know but i have some green blisters on my body,they don't look so friendly. Now i will go underwater to see if here are actually Ruby's ! Well i am here and.......under my is one of those Leviathans that was at the Aurora, am..... i don't see to have any interest in my right now,so i think safe. The diving was a failure, i didn't find any Ruby and i want that Prawnsuit so much... well at least i got Diamonds . Also i found a very interesting specimen that is a danger to me, he can teleport and he can teleport even my too.....scans indicate that his name is Warper and that he is*&6%$&(899*&^%^555go&^54$away887^^^not898&^^welcomed . Well that was something i didn't expect to read... Anyway i will go back to the Lifepod because here is not so much to look at,i will do another PDA research to find some Ruby's . 76%$7888don't65$$33##come*76%$#3#back&69

DAY 22 : Finally i got Ruby's, last time i didn't pay attention, but there were a lot of Ruby's to the other island, i am dumb ,i agree. Also i found something called Gel sack that i can use to make Aerogel or something....might by for good use in the future so i decided to grab like four of them. I will start building my base ! Got some interior and exterior special plant pods so i can grow food or plants that can give my resources . Alright is a good start.....i have a multipurpose room with a bed so i don't need to sleep inside the Lifepod floor finally . Tomorrow i decided to go even further of my Lifepod see what i can find . Sadly,no one responded to my help message, i don't know why . Anyway i crafted the Prawnsuit finally. I will use it just when i go to deeper depth where my Seamoth can't, i actually think that i can start using the Cyclops too,progress my friend,progress .

DAY 23 : My plans from yesterday are canceled because when i got back from where i was diving and ready to go to what i planned...... My Lifepod changed position on it's own,what?

DAY 24 : Alright now that i get use to to the Lifepod's '' new '' location, i will go further to see what i can find . ~ 30 minutes later ~ . Well i found an entire forest that has mushroom trees ! And i found tow new specimens, one of them is very colored and has no type of violence on me, but the other one has.... his name is Boneshark and he will attack me as soon as he sees me. I also found one Lifepod crashed,no survivor sadly, a PDA too..... well that men had some serious....head problems i think. When i was there i decided to go even further because my curiosity always wins against my fear ! So i did.... After not much diving i found myself in a dark place, with some sort of bulb like purple colored with some blue dots on them. Also i found an electrical fish ! Yeah that fish actually has electrical power on him ! His name is Ampell or something and he can generate electricity from his body ? WOW ! Well of course it is a danger to me ...... of course . I also found another Lifepod with a PDA recording with someone who was pretending to be a doctor ? Sad......but apparently he has the same green blisters that i have,of course he didn't know how to cure an alien infection...nor a real one too .

DAY 25: I decided today to take the Cyclops under the island where i found the Ruby's . I got there and then i saw something spectacular, the island itself was not part of the ocean floor,it was actually flying, in a way ! It was hold by some big and pink creatures that apparently grow so big that have the power to make it fly out of the water ...WOW ! Anyway when i got deeper i found something very scary at first impression and very interesting at second impression . They were some sort of very big creatures,i don't know how to describe them, they were massive and...and they didn't attack me , only if i go near them . Scans indicate that they're name is Seatraders and that they are in the Leviathan class category. That makes my ask myself the question,are here even bigger creatures than Leviathans ?

DAY 26 : Today i made a lot of progress, i upgraded my base , i made an MK 1 depth module for the cyclops and a MK 2 depth module for the Seamoth. Of course that i found the modification station to do all this. I expanded my base because i found the Scanner room fragments to build it . I pretty much made a lot of progress. And with that i want to go again to that island with Ruby's but this time i can go to 500 M with the Seamoth so i can even get better materials . ~ 20 minutes later ~ I found myself into some deep place with some sort of blue balls that are hold by some sort of seaweed . Pretty creepy i can't hide it . ~ 5 minutes later ~ OMG ! What is that thing ?!? Is some sort of GIANT glowing worm with blue coloring...and i think he saw me ! Ah,shit,comes after me ! I want so scan it to know about him or run and save my life ? ~ 2 minutes later ~ Scans indicate that this creature is,again, a Leviathan class specimen. His name is Ghost Leviathan and that this one was just a kid ?!!? Wait ? That was just a kid ? How big is the...the adult ? I don't want to even know. That was too close to my death ... . Tomorrow i will decide to upgrade my Seamoth depth module to full to see what creatures from hell itself can be there .

DAY 27 : Upgraded my Seamoth, now i will go again there, with some luck ,i hope i will not get into that things way again. ~ 10 minutes later ~ I found a cave ! Looks like it's leading somewhere deeper,might be worth checking out ! When i entered i was greeted by a giant octopus, scans indicate that he is a danger to my and that he can shut down my Seamoth or Prawnsuit with a EMP blast,how ? I don't even want to know . Also i found some sort of flying creatures, for me they look like the glowing ones in the mushroom forest, they are not a danger. Also i found another Degasi habitat ! Poor bastards, i don't know how they get here and i don't know why either . Think they're dead now,at this depth . ~ 5 minutes later ~ And here i am.... remember the annoying spider like creatures from land named Crawlers ? Yeah i just found they're scarier brother that can breath under water.....they are tow times bigger and have the legs very long...this is what i wanted, more hostile creatures .

DAY 28 : Still can't image that i wasted an whole day in here and i am still not ready to go . I found a tree that is surrounded by those flying things . There are some eggs inside,scans indicate that they are in fact Ghost Leviathan eggs ? I would go right now and stab every one of them in the heart,but i can't, it has some sort of strong material that my knife can't slice . Wait....if these are eggs,means that somewhere here is or are Adult Ghost Leviathans ? I might just go back to my Lifepod and say '' F**k this ! '' but no. I will stay here and hope i will not encounter one, and if i do,well i hope i can scan it, be happy that i saw one, and hopefully make it out too . Well, i am probably going to my own dead right now,but....at least i know there is a chance of survival . ~ 10 minutes later ~ There it is ! OMG is so freaking BIG. On my way here a found old skeletons of creatures that lived here long ago. Saying by their color and resistance, they are very old skeletons,maybe lived here dozens or maybe millions of years before any other creature . Wait ! I....i think he saw me...he makes very big noise and ..... is it...oh no! Shit,shit,shit Seamoth go with a 1000000 years of light speed now ! I don't know if i will make it ... * STATIC * leave my alone you hell creature ! * STATIC *

DAY 29 : Think i am gonna start praying every 10 minutes. I don't know how i escaped that creature from hell, my Seamoth got real damaged. My heart stop beating in that moments i though i was going to die. But i swear that i will never,never again go back in that cave.I should start exploring more and more until i am going to be ready to go even in deeper depths .

DAY 30 : My base has more rooms,more power,more things that are helping me with my survival, so i can say that my base is complete 100%, the rest i need to do is to make all the of my equipment better,upgraded to make them go even to bigger depth to see what may hide there . Also near that island i found some type of little creature that will suck my blood if it get's attached to my . Also some very very little creature that is glowing with green, it's just a parasite.

DAY 31 : Today i have gone in search of materials for the Cyclops depth module MK 2 and exploration . I found the materials i needed and i found another Lifepod ! It was near the back of the Aurora so i needed to proceed with caution. PDA of the Lifepod said that the fabricator didn't work,poor men . I also find a toy car and a not so interesting doll . I crafted the Cyclops MK 2 module,yey . Now i will want to go to that big tower island,but this time i will go under it with the Cyclops . I want to see if i find something interesting down there . See you tomorrow .

DAY 32 : I am going now . ~ 10 minutes later ~ Ah.. good to see land. Now i will go under and see what i can find . There are some sort of big cubes with some sort of %54$$why&6%$544you&^&54##@here? interesting. Well i am starting to see just dark and some Warpers . Well i don't see anything special here . I think i need to go to the surface now . Wait is that &6%44$$go8&%%4$away ! &&65 well yes this is some type of tablet,hmm......... was this here before ? I don't think,oh it has some text ! Ah,dang it,it's in Chinese : 运行,不要停止运行,在这里不欢迎您。不要回来! Well i think i need some translate over here ! PDA do you got a translation,no? Sad . The PDA can only tell my that this is (Simplified Chinese) language and that it was not here before, i was right ! I am not good to Chinese at all so.......i think i will never know what this is saying until i get home . Mostly,this island has nothing more to offer me .


* Intermission * If you are here,means that you really want to see how my adventure was and you really take your time to read this,thank you .

DAY 34 : Now that i have the Cyclops MK 3 depth module, i will go where my PDA said that is some sort of fire or lava activity going on. ~ 40 minutes later ~ Here it is ! How is lava underwater ? Well here are very different specimens,mostly a danger. I don't know how my Prawnsuit can resist to so much temperature . ~ 10 minutes later ~ WHAT.....IS......THAT ?!!!!? IS....IS THIS HELL....IS THAT A DEMON...? OR...OR IS THAT AN....UNDERWATER GIANT DRAGON ? IS VERY BIG.......SHOOTS FIREBALLS FROM THE MOUNT ? HAS A MOUNT SO LARGE THAT HE CAN EAT MY SEAMOTH WITH JUST ONE BITE. But still behind him is a giant door,i want to know what is there ! Wait,did it see me ? Ah......i need to make a run for it ! ~ 2 minutes later ~ Got away,i don't know how but,i got away,OMG,that was intense !

DAY 36: Yesterday i was on a 800-900 depth i think,now i am currently at 1453 M below,i got some weird messages from a creature in my head,and it was saying that it might be here . ~ 10 minutes later ~ Im currently at 1496 M and there is a cube like hole,hope this will worth something ! Here i go..... Well,nothi---....O-M-G,HAHAHAHAHAA,i.im i GOING INSANE ? Did i though that those Leviathan kids were scary,HAHA,this is my END ! It is just by some meters little than freaking Godzilla ! Wait...it...it dose not hurt me ? No interest for me ? What ? ~ 30 minutes later ~ OH i understand,the baby's need some sort of enzyme to hatch,this might be a way to get out of here !

DAY 38 : Today i will go for some plants to produce the enzyme and then hopefully,hatch the eggs and discover a way to get out of this cursed planet ! ~ after getting the plants ~ Good,good,mix up,ok.....yeah...aha...and......it's FINISHED ! The enzyme is made,now just need to get back there ! Also while searching for the enzyme i found a very interesting specimen,is little,more little than a normal fish,but it's apparently a danger to me. When i looked at it,i was starting to get closer and closer to it.....then i gain control of myself again,he wanted to bite me ! Scans indicated that his name is Mesmer and that he....is the cool fish of all this ocean....he can make you cool too....if you get closer,come on,come closer,closer,yeah like that. . Anyway i produced the enzyme. ~ 20 minutes later ~ Please work,please work.....YES ! One of them hatched ! Another one ! ALL HATCHED ! ~ 10 minutes later ~ Poor mom,but still i need to worry of myself. I will now return to my base and i will think how i can escape from here .

DAY 39 : You know,i wonder what is behind the Aurora,and i am not saying about the back,i want to know what is behind the whole ship . But i will get the answer soon,before that i want to explore more around me to see if i will find something good . ~ 20 minutes later ~ Well i have found a black place,i don't see any type of creature,just some Peppers here and there . PDA say's that i am on some crater edge and the single thing down there is just nothing,just black,no floor,no nothing. I will go to see if it's actually real ! ~ 10 minutes later ~ It's scary as hell down here ! Wait ! Was that the noise of a ......of a.....Ghost Leviathan ?!!? OMG there are 3 Ghost Leviathans, Prawnsuit don't leave my now ! Back hell creatures,back ! ~ 30 minutes later ~ Did i said last time i will pray every 10 minutes ? From now i will start praying every one minute,i think God wants me alive until i get out of this planet . I think i will go tomorrow to see what is behind the Aurora .

DAY 40 : I am here behind the Aurora,there is some land here,very little. I don't see any Lifepod or something different here,sadly. In the meantime i got a plan that is going to 100% work. But before i am going to put it on work,i want to see if there are any more new locations or creatures i can find for my scientific discoveries. Here i go.......

DAY ? : I swear that when i started to dive,i though i will hit some floor or something,but OMG this has no end, it's like an infinite black and creepy abyss.

DAY ? + ? : Going to surface now will take forever,i don't know if i am going to see anything here. I am currently at 5374 M and still nothing .

FINAL DAY : Well look's like God can't save my this time...............do you remember that abyss i said about ? Yeah,that one...........i.......i.......i finally hit he floor.......i am currently at 7348 M below sea level and............am.........do you remember when i was wondering if........there are things out there bigger than Leviathans on day 25 ? Ha.....hahaha....well.....i..i think my question has an final answer. When i hit the......ocean floor behind the Aurora.....here.......in....in this dark....infinite......creepy......abyss that i adventured myself in.....is.....an ........even bigger creature than a Leviathan......even bigger than the one with the hatching enzyme............imagine that one.....10 or 50 times bigger ......yeah.......that is what i see in my face right now....it opened it's eye....and that black abyss became clear that that....was just his eye closed,his eye covers my entire vision. How big is the tail? How big is the body ? How big is the mount ? How sharp are the teeth ? What sounds he make ? Probably you have this questions, i need to make you clear that,that pitch black vision of mine on front is now just an Godzilla eye. The body is.......maybe is bigger than the ship and the tow islands if they compare. The mount, I don't know,maybe a whale mount 10 times bigger. Sharp teeth,maybe. The tail ? Well.....i don't think i can even see it .....even if the water would be clear without this black abyss . I will die,no way of escaping, i said this message very calm because this is the last thing i will see and also the most beautiful,there are maybe even bigger things down here than this ? I....WAIT ! Did he just cleared the vision so i can see him ? Maybe he knows i am recording this ? Is he intelligent ? Ok then i will describe it as fast as possible,until he eats me,scans show that he is a major danger . Well....am......4 eyes one on top,right,left and under him . 2 big fins,they are like 2 trains long . A body that is bigger than the hatching monster 10 or even 50 times bigger,he could easily eat that mom with just one bite . A tail for like,i don't know 1/Km or even 2/Km long . A mount that with a single open can eat up to 1000000 fish and even a Leviathan with them . And very sharp teeth . Noise,he has a noise that for some reason can't be heard if you are close to Aurora . It's starting to make dark again,i see he plans to open his mount and eat me, this will be my last message for whoever finds this ! DO NOT GO BEHIND THE AURORA,AND IF YOU DO AT LEAST DO NOT GO TO 200 M DISTANCE FROM HER,AND IF YOU DO THAT TOO,DO NOT,UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES , GO DEEPER THAN 7348 M . Nobody can kill this thing,this is not a creature from hell,this is a creature that is coming from a place worse than that,a creature that even power of God himself can't stop,comes from the deepest black hole of Earth ! IF YOU FIND THIS,DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE ! RUN,RUN,JUST RUN FROM ANY PART THAT IS BEHIND THE AURORA ! He's starting to come for me ! Need to talk about this quick ! My plan was to go on the Aurora and get the Blueprints for a little rocket,as one of the important staff on the ship,i know where it is. WHEN YOU ENTER THE AURORA GO TO POSITION 5385-AHK,IT IS THERE,THE CODE IS 3712. Now this is it,goodbye . * STATIC * %4#@didn't 6765$### i 7^%^%$$warned&^%$#$##you? &^6544

14 YEARS LATER : You,yes you,the one who got this far found this PDA behind the Aurora,but it was on the little land,not somewhere into that things stomach or in that abyss. I hope you enjoyed reading this ,i know it was a little bit boring at some points,but that's it. Poor Joe died,he's now into that creature stomach. Do a simple math, if a Reaper leviathan is 144 M long, how long is an Sea Emperor ? If you can determine,imagine the Sea Emperors length, 10 or 50 times bigger . The result is for both can be the length of that creature . You crashed with your own ship,and as Joe you are the only survivor,you had the same idea of going there,but you found this,now you will return back and think that creature does not even exist . This was a fiction (: Maybe ?

𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑬𝑵𝑫 ( i think this story was not so good ):, but it's a story (: ) Anyway,the story's created by some people on this site are an old topic ? XD



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