Re spawning resources ?

WeylandYutani1989WeylandYutani1989 Join Date: 2017-03-14 Member: 228931Members Posts: 62 Advanced user
I spent quite some time scouring the kelp areas for titanium and now there isn’t much at all , will resources re spawn at anytime ?


  • Reaper_Peeper101Reaper_Peeper101 wont tell Join Date: 2019-04-13 Member: 252304Members Posts: 14 Fully active user
    For a realistic feel for the game, the developers made it so you could deplete an area of it's resources. I'm not really sure if they re-spawn over a long time but i have definitely depleted the entire mushroom forest...good luck finding the titanium!
  • El_HadschiEl_Hadschi Join Date: 2016-11-28 Member: 224316Members Posts: 23 Advanced user
    You can clear the cache. That will reset every resource and may even improve your performance. There is a tutorial somewhere here.
    I feel it is OK to do that and it is not cheating but you can argue it destroys immersion, but so do empty bioms. And it kind of feel unrealistic if even fish don't respawn.
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