Stalker teeth issues? Well then..... (short story)

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So ive always found it abit tiresome, tedious and boring to go around and look for stalker teeth, just to get a nice view! Am i right?
I set out to create a "Stalker Research Facility" and figure out how to best take advantage of thoose bastard predators. Heres a little story: (im new to this and english isnt my first language, so be nice!)

My search for stalker teeth had not been fruitfull, and i need more, ever since i discovered their usefullness in creating enameled glass. But thoose stalkers bite hard and i really dont wanna go around and pulling the teeth from their mouth, so i need to do something. I have scanned multible of them, but the PDA information gathered is not quite adequate, more research is required. I have however noticed they have a "gathering instinct", particularly shiny metal objects. Scrap pieces from the aurora are abundant after the explosion and the stalkers seem to go to great lenghts, to gather them up in their nesting area. Perhaps i could use this to my advantage? I need to head into the large kelp forest and create a research facility!

The next day i got up at sunrise. It was a beautifull day, i started it with a morning coffee, along with 2 cured peepers and a bottle of freshly distilled water. Life is not to bad here honestly.
My thoughts focuses at the mission at hand. I need to get more behavioral information on thoose damn stalkers... Alright. I get up from the chair in my observation lounge and head to the seamoth. Soon after i am heading to the big kelp forest, about a kilometer north east of me.
As i enter the kelp forest, not much predatorial life is seen. The forest is booming with small fish, but the stalkers are few and far between. I found a little spot, roughly 150m inside the dense kelp forest. there were a few stalkers roaming here and it looked like they had a nesting ground nearby, jackpot! I found a nice natural stone arch closeby and decided this would be the ideal place for my research facility. I pulled out my habitat builder and started laying out the facility, as the terrain allowed me to. Soon i had my dive chamber complete and it didnt take long before the rest of the structure was completed, damn i love this f****** tool!
A couple of solar panels on the room should provide enough power, we are only at 30m depth. The day went by as i build my research facility, the few stalkers nearby never bothered me and the sun started to set. At that time i was tired and i was hungry, so i decided to head home and get some well deserved food and rest.
The facility was up and running, by the time i left it. I had made a two story alien containment unit, full of local flora and ready to incubate stalker eggs. From the containment unit room, a observation lunge was constructed, with a perfect view of the stalker nesting grounds. A scanner room had also been setup and the scanner strenght had been boosted to maximum, hopefully it can pick up stalker eggs! Next to the dive chamber, the office and computer was installed. My plan was to use the computer to help me analyse and track everything going on, both inside the containment unit and outside the facility.

I got up the next day and finished my "morning routine", i have been here for so long i have a morning routine, dammit... Baah, lets just get on with it. I head to my seamoth and disembark the moonpool.
On my way to the Stalker Research Facility, i keep a close eye out for scrap metal pieces. I want to collect alot of them to study the stalker behavior, so i carefully pick each and every piece off the seabed, on my way. By the time i reach the facility, my seamoth is loaded with scarp metal! I dump it all, right under the observation lounge and then head inside the facility. Now is the time to calibrate the scanner sensors, lets see. Ok it does pick up some "creature egg signatures", but it cant differentiate. Well, there is only one way to find out, so i jump out the hatch, take my trusty seaglide out and makes sure its linked up with the facility scanner, so i can see the signatures. I ended up roaming the kelp forest for a good 3 to 4 hours, finding close to 30 eggs! As i had seen a stalker egg before, it wasnt to hard to only grab the ones i needed, but there were so many different ones! i was tempted to take them all, for further study, i must admit.
After returning to the research facility, i innitially put 15 stalker eggs into the alien containment unit, and the computer was instructed to start the analasys process of the hatching. It did not take long for me, with the computers help, to figure out the optimal environment for stalker eggs to develop and after several days of carefully finetuning the containment unit, it was near perfect! They stalkers started to hatch and they were filling up the containment unit pretty fast.

Over the next couple of days, i analysed every tiny bit of them and their behavior. I ran numerous tests to figure out how to best attain the before mentioned teeth, as that was the whole damn reason for this crazy plan! Hatching stalkers? Yeh right... Best idea ever, when you are trying to survive on an alien planet, where everything is out to kill you, in the first place...
None the less, my work did bare fruit and now i sit here in my research facility, sorrounded by stalkers, inside and outside... I should never had set thoose 30 speciments free. At first they seemed friendly, they didnt bite and i could hand feed them. Its possible it was some sort of brief psychological effect, of the captivity in the containment unit. Needeless to say, they soon turned on me and they forced me to stay inside the facility. I watched them tear my seamoth apart, from the god damn observatory... I didnt believe my eyes but a huge pack of stalkers, can do some serious damage! That was my only way out and now its gone.

So im sitting here, writing this final PDA entry, hoping someone will find it eventually. This facility was never ment for long term living. There is no bed or firstaid, only a fabricator and a simple chair in front of the computer.. What good will that do me, when i cant even go outside without getting eaten by my own fricking "pets"! My wounds are getting worse, theres nothing to clean and bind them with and im runnig out of food and water. This must be the end...
Please dont let my efforts be in vain, i spend so must time and litteral sweet, blood and tears on it and it ended up biting me in me damn a**, like everything else on this damn planet!!

Aurora Survivor, Lifepod 17


  • Stalker eggs require a temperature around 24 degrees celsius, to develop at maximum growth rate
  • Incubation period varies, from 1 to 3 days, reason unknown
  • Stalkers contained in an alien containment unit, will not show agressive behavior, towards you or any other fish species in the containment unit
  • Stalkers released from alien containment unit, will innitially not show agressive behavior
  • Be warned! If stalkers are released, it is only a matter of time before they will revert into the predatorial pack behavior they are known for
  • Feeding stalkers with small fish, particularly peepeers, will make them docile for a brief period of time
  • Stalkers have an obsessive gathering behavior, particularly towards shiny metal objects. They will fiercely, both protect and try to reclaim or even steal shiny metal objects
  • Teeth growthrate seems to be abnormaly high, compared to other species here. Stalkers can regrow teeth in mere days
  • They regularly fight over theese shiny metal objects and in the process they drop alot of teeth, which will drop to the seafloor
  • The teeth have proven imparative, for the production of enameled glas on this planet

Dive chamber entrance

Scanner room, fully upgraded

The small office

Alien containment unit

Observation lounge view

Outside view

Reap the harvest!!
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  • PeekoPeeko Join Date: 2017-08-27 Member: 232669Members Posts: 5 Fully active user
    Its nice and simple, good job
  • HipqoHipqo Danmark Join Date: 2018-02-06 Member: 236996Members Posts: 17 Advanced user
    I have to admit i was absolutely hammered when i wrote this and it seemed like such a good story haha.
    Dunno, but i had fun writing it and i like to roleplay like that. :)
  • WarvisWarvis Join Date: 2017-01-14 Member: 226701Members Posts: 26 Advanced user
    The teethfarm is awesome, and I like the small office design!
    I only skimmed the story at first (didn't expect a long read), but the pics made me go back to read: I has its lengthy parts, but the ending is pretty nice, an almost classical "scientist killed by experiment turning against them" ;)
  • HipqoHipqo Danmark Join Date: 2018-02-06 Member: 236996Members Posts: 17 Advanced user
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Its a fun little outpost, but it does seem the stalkers scatter out or despawn. I only see 5-8 around the facility now heh. But i have more teeth then i could ever want!
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