10 days left...

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For those of you who don't know, in celebration of Subnautica's release, UWE is holding a Livestream when it releases.

And, as of the editing of this thread (thank you @0x6A7232...), it is exactly 7 days from the full release.

This has no other purpose but to hype of the community.

It's only 7 days until this insane ride is over.

Through the ups of the first Aurora explosion and the Terraformer, to the downs of the No-world glitch and the Summer of the Missing Framerates, Subnautica has continued to be one of the greatest survival games I've ever played.

I wish luck to Unknown Worlds in improving this game and any other future games you make.

And I wish special luck to all of you who are planning to do a full run through of the game. May the Reapers be quiet and your Peepers be delicious. :)
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