Subnautica causing computer crashes? Try a DDU and reinstall of the graphics driver (see post)

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Crashfix? for me it did.

Hi mates!
New user here, unable to open new topic, so i hijack this one since it has a similar problem on the same build.

I had the same, but often i got ingame for 1-4 mins before crashing, sometimes even locking up my PC completely... And i mean COMPLETELY. Never had a freeze so bad, even the ATX-RESET-Button didnt trigger anymore. Holy moly!
Of course almost always it was just a crash to desktop, a few times a bluescreen and once this complete and utter lockup.

The crash reports are often a access violation in Subnautica.exe, but sometimes in nvwgf2umx.dll and in d3d11.dll which made me thinking... Of course i had the newest GeForce installed... But in some other boards i read especially for nvwgf2umx.dll that thos may be because of a not updated dll in the Driver-update. This DLL seems to be responsible for a lot of crashes in GTA4 and others... It seems to be a DX10 compatibility-DLL.
A few suggest to use a good driver remover like the one from and remove the driver completely (in savemode) and then REINSTALL the driver so the DLL in question gets updated.
Ahwell... Did that, what can it hurt...

Oh boy! It didnt hurt at all and now... Tadaaaa! No more crashes! Played over 2h and no crash whatsoever. Before, 3mins were a good time before crashing.

For references:
Windows 10 64b
Game: April 2017 47282
Driver: GeForce 382.53 - WHQL force-removed and reinstalled

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