MAJOR ISSUE,Freezing after 30 seconds then crashing

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For the past 2 days I have been infuriated because my game had decided to royally butt fuck me. I have just one main save file and if corse that's the one that shits on me. I have to share time between my moms and my dads and I have nothing to do at my dads and so I'm excite when I know I can go to my room and hop onto my subnautica, and for the past 2 days, my game keeps freezing after 30 seconds of gameplay (which wouldn't be so bad if the game didn't load so fucking slow) and makes the loudest noise you've ever heard in YOUR FUCKING LIFE, and.... crashes. And it's pissed me off so bad I uncontrollably almost obliterated my whole setup as I chucked my controller at my monitor. This glitch is painful and with having such limited time between School and my dads house, this really pisses me off. I understand that the dev team is working hard but please consider this instead of those stupid minor gliteches like "my seamoth is slightly sticking out of my Cyclops" and Pixelation of the moon, because I believe that when someone is facing huge issues in their game that should obviously take priority over someone's game that is 100% fine with just some weird quirky glitches and focus on the game breaking glitches


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    XB1S F;
    Language, please.

    I've been playing SN since early Dec 16.
    Before I ask for details, I've have played SN on the XB1 and the XB1S;
    I've been advised by other players to set the XB to 'econo' mode.
    This setting ensures a 'cold' and not a 'hot' start, equivalent to turning off a PC.

    OK, the latest release of SN is 46232? Yesterday the 11th of Apr.
    If you don't see that # in the upper right of the screen, you need to update SN.

    Now your problem;
    1. Are you on an XBox?
    2. Are you using Wireless or using an Ethernet connection?
    3. Where are you when the save reloads?
    4. What are you doing?
    5. What do mean when you say the game crashes?
    6. Are you returning to the XBox home screen?

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    did you ever get your problem solved?
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