313 sucks. UPDATE !

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Delete all your ns2 and reinstall fresh, too many updates, too many useless files, now iam back up and running


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    benoveer wrote: »
    cant even find a server on the game, if I use steam to find one it tells me that they are out of date, why do updated when things where working fine ?

    Welcome to the tech support,

    please make sure you have read and followed the instruction of https://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/131384/how-to-make-a-good-tech-support-post-read-me-first. For further support please attach a tech_support.zip to your post.

    Furthermore please make sure you haven't checked into one of the beta branches of ns2. To check that follow the instructions of https://goo.gl/pXK5I4 and make sure you have None selected in the 4th step.
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    all I get now is "Invalid Data"
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    benoveer wrote: »
    all I get now is "Invalid Data"
    Try turning off all client side mods and trying again.
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