The Pirates of Subnautica: A Guide to Calling Things by the Wrong Names

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When I had just gotten used to calling things "Scrap Metal" and "Airsacks" and "Spore Sacks" (what is it with the devs and sacks?), they decided to change everything. Now, with confusing "Metal Salvage", "Bladderfish", and "Gel Sacks", I began to mentally change the new names to the old ones.
And then I watched The Pirates of the Carribean... and considering I was calling everything by the wrong names anyways, things kind of went downhill.

  • Primary Seabase = Tortuga
  • The Aurora = The Black Pearl
  • Safe Shallows = Port Royal
  • Floating Island = Isla de Muerta
  • Blood Kelp Zone = World's End / Farthest Gate
  • Lost River = Davy Jones' Locker

  • Cave Crawlers = Pirates
  • Gasopods = Redcoats
  • Crash Fish = Cannonballs
  • Reaper Leviathan = Barbossa

  • Titanium = Iron
  • Gold/Diamonds/Lithium = Treasure
  • Water = Rum

  • Fabricator = Forge
  • Knife = Sword
  • Stasis Rifle = Musket
  • Propulsion Cannon = Regular Cannon

  • Alterra = Spaniards
  • Degasi Survivors = Aztecs
  • Degasi Bases = Buried Treasure
  • Warpers = Mermaids
  • Disease Research Facility = The Flying Dutchman
  • Seadragons = Krakens
  • Lava Zone = The Kraken's Prison
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    Void = Davy Jones locker.
    Shit happens
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    cy4n wrote: »
    When I had just gotten used to calling things "Scrap Metal" and "Airsacks" and "Spore Sacks" (what is it with the devs and sacks?)

    They had a things for balls with NS2 :trollface:

    Maybe we should have a pirate translation for the game, they opensource the language files so have at ye, ye scurvy dogs

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    Alterra = Rotten European Invaders!
    Actually I just realised... That picture looks like the Tomb of Sargeras from WoW...
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