VIVE Challenges - 24 of Gameplay Delete, Start Over.... Repeat Sequence

WonkaVisionWonkaVision Join Date: 2017-01-09 Member: 226464Members Posts: 4
HTC VIVE - Somewhere around the 20-25 hour mark, the stuttering becomes overwhelming. I've figured out how to let the game catch up in between complete freezes, but it's only good for limited gameplay. If I try to use any form of transportation, the game fails before I reach the surface. I built the PC specifically for VR play. 32/Mem. 1080/GC. Nothing unnecessary running in background, various combinations in graphic settings... the usual attempts to correct.

Part of the frustration, is that the game freeze, stutter & lockup is predictable. Moving in the Vines, descending too rapidly, moving from outside habitat to inside .... its always the same.
Because this awesome game is in development, its easy to live with the fact that half my cyclops is transparent on the inside, or that my habitat has flying fish inside, or any of the other oddities that come with it... but, it sure would be nice to know if its being addressed, or conversely not on the radar because the VIVE market is too small to warrant the investment.


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