InternetsLIVE H2.0 Vibrant Subnautica Shader Installer

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Greetings Subnauticans!

I have created an installer package for a Vibrant Subnautica. This will make the game more vibrant and less washed out

**Experience for DX11 ONLY.**

Comparison Images
How To Install?
In game Use
    Toggle F10 to turn off/on

Split vid comparison ON/OFF

Q: My game don't work!
A: Remove any launch-options such as -force-opengl and make sure you running the latest version of Subnautica.

Q: I launched it, but it doesn't look like its working!
A: Make sure you have installed it to the Subnautica steam directory (Generally here, (C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam)
A2: Test F10 in-game toggle off and on (uses VK-F10, can be changed in sweetfx\global_settings.txt)
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