Very bad performance issues

netztaenzernetztaenzer Germany Join Date: 2013-11-03 Member: 188974Members Posts: 4
So I just bought the game a few hours ago and it seems like it might be gread but there's something that makes it unplayeble for me.
First, my rig:
16gb ram, amd fx-4100 quadcore, radeon hd 6800 on a win7 ultimate 64 bit os.
As I usually do with games, I asked canyourunit. (Everyone knows that site I guess).
And CYRI gave me this:
Looked great, so I got the game. Trying to get into it, I struggled with a bad framerate and thought "Oh maybe my machine only has to work it's way out with the game."
But nuh-uh. I'm using the lowest setting possible, and I can't get any higher than 24fps on any map. This is not even near to being playable, espacially not in a competitve game.
I'd be thankful for every advice that might give me one more frame, or maybe two. (Or maybe 40, so NS2 could run like every other game. Hell, even BF3 works on High with my setup.)



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