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Hey guys,

I´ve got a few ideas to the new update and the reinforcement model of financing ns2.

Maybe one more tier level to purchase. "Lerk Badge" which includes all previous level of shadow badge and one more feature: The (missing) secret rooms.

How would it be if you as a costumer could support the developer and eternalize yourself in the game. Maybe the feature is about of helping to (re)design the existing or the not yet existing secret rooms in the ready rooms. We got now 8? official maps with 3? secret rooms(summit, veil and mineshaft). Every map could get an own secret room where one or maybe up to 3 or 5 players eternalize themselves. Eventually only writing your name or the name of your clan on the wall of it. Or the possibility to put one personal item in, which you can decide. Sending a drawing to the developer of your favored conditioning of a secret room. Of course these should not be bigger than the already existing ones. Also the existing ready rooms could reedited by putting the names of the "lerk badge" consumer. For the price i would recommend an amount of 100-250$. 8 ready rooms, 1-5 consumers per map, 8-40 potenial costumers=potenial bounty of 800-10.000$.

Another idea is to make this financing programm more visible. Maybe in the NS2 start menu a little window where stoods "You like playing NS2 and want to thank the developer for the continued free patches? Like here for more informations"(If you click you sended to the reinforcement programm page). Because not everyone visiting the homepage of ns2 and informing themselves about all news. And btw the window for the reinforcement programm is a little bit hidden in the art of design of the homepage. It doesnt stick out of the page and blur in the black/grey colours of the page. Also there could be a way to hide this window from player which got less playtime then 10 or 20 hours to not look like you are begging for money.

That is it for the moment. I hope Hugh getting this information and implementate it :P
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