Power Node Health Boost(Idea)

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What about giving power nodes a boost to health based on how many structures they are powering?

By default, they'd have the same 2000 Health/1000 Armour.
With every additional structure they'd get X health/Armour, which could be based on the cost of the structure.
That is, an increase of 100 Health/50 armour for every 10 res the structure costs.
That'd give them a boost of 100h/50a for an Armoury/Extractor, 150h/75a for an Observatory/Infantry Portal/Phase Gate/Robotics Lab, 400h/200a for a Prototpe lab, 250h/125a for an Arms Lab.
Assuming you had two IPs, one Obs, one PG, one Prototype Lab, one Arms Lab, an Armoury, an Extractor and a Robotics lab, the health boost would be 1350 Health/675 Armour.

The total would be 3350 Health/1675 Armour.
That would be a total of 6700 effective damage it would take to kill one, as opposed to the default of 4000.

The health bonus could be adjusted for balance reasons.
I honestly think 200 Health/100 Armour for every 10 res would be better, but it's better to start low and then increase.
I prefer to buff things, rather than nerf things, and I think this would prove to be a substantial buff to Power Nodes if implemented.

A similar buff could apply to cysts.
Give cysts near structures more Health/Armour.
100h/50a for every 10 res, at a cost of 1 res would be a 10h/5a boost for every nearby cyst.
Most cysts in hallways have tend to have max of 2(More in hive rooms/important locations) neighboring cysts.
So the bonus would be 20 Health/10 Armour on average.


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    Might want to cap it however, both sides would spam armories and cysts respectively if it wasn't caped at some point, but I like the idea (especially if it encourages coms to drop more armories at PG's and cover rooms in cysts :) ).
    Howser is da BEST!
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    I was thinking a hard cap based on structure type.
    A max of 3 IPs count towards the total, one of every other structure excluding extractors, maybe allow for a max of two Observatories.

    Robotics labs might work with a max of two as well.
    I sometimes I build multiples, so I can crank out arcs faster.
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    I kinda like this idea. The numbers wouldn't make bile bomb useless, it would just be more difficult to take down bases with more structures... Which it should be.

    For the cap, why not just make it simple and say one of each unique structure type applies.

    How would Advanced Armory play in?
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    Health bump based on the cost of upgrading to a single AA.
    The bump could also be applied to one robotics lab too.

    As an aside, you could even apply this to sentry batteries.
    Make them have more HP if they are powering more sentries.
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    Tbh, I don't think we need any less reason to go for the power node. Bad mechanic aside, despite it's lame 'one thing kills all' nature, it seems much more beneficial to target other buildings in most circumstances. The only reason I'd go for it is if it's in a convenient spot to attack, or in a ninja attack - but that's only to exploit the seemingly broken notification system that doesn't tell you the node is under attack.
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    It wouldn't be a reason not to go for the power, but it would give the marines more time to respond.
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