Tech Path evolving the Hive

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[a little bonus that adds to choice making]
Simple suggestion: let whatever you choose as Tech Path for a Hive have an impact on that particular Hive as well.

Crag Hive: gets some nice shell-ish overlay as texture on the Hive and has more durability due to higher maximum armor.

Shift Hive: gets more strutting to the ground or ceiling and has a slightly increased egg spawn rate.

Shade Hive: originally I thought about having the Hive cloaked without the requirement for a nearby Shade, but this is kinda pointless since Marines will find or counter it easily by using scans. Making it act like a Shade itself and cloak nearby stuff might be a bit OP since it can't be destroyed as quickly as a Shade. So maybe just give it a semi-transparent look and either have it create ink clouds around it upon taking damage or just deny enemies the ability to see it's health at any time. They have to guess when it's going down and may not take advantage of a nearly killed Hive.

If the Tech has an impact on the Hive, you actually still have a choice to make when building your fourth Hive.

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Tech Path of Hive actually upgrades the Hive itself
Give Gorges telepathic control over their Bait Ball for Overlord-style commanding of Babblers

And please allow to turn rooms into emergency-lit or dark versions if infestations grows over an unbuilt or damaged power node socket.
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