Returning after years away from NS1

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First epic moment, completely hooked again

As we lost to a skulk rush while trying to spread out too greedily I managed to get a little pay back as the round ends. Just wanted to post & share one of my most fun moments so far and say how impressed I am with the game, I bought it a few months back but didn't really have time to play until these last two weeks and I'm definitely getting some hardcore nostalgia for NS1. Now all I have to do is read up on the established tactics, learn the maps, figure out when I can actually find well populated EU servers and we are good to go.

PS: I am if you are some one who plays during peak GMT hours feel free to add, always looking for people to play with.


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    Haha nice one man. Welcome back :)
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    welcome (back) 151-632
    Philadelphia is a PvP server
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    Thanks guys, it's nice to see how active the forums are (been browsing since I posted) and I'm loving the UI mod posted by minion seems like a great improvement over the default one.
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    Welcome back man :-) Glad you're enjoying 207. Hopefully 208 will impress more!
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    Woo! Welcome back :)
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    Good to see more oldtimers returning!
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    QUOTE (Xarius @ May 7 2012, 06:28 PM) »
    Good to see more oldtimers returning!

    ive been saying this a lot this past year! many people that moved on, who never thought this game would happen, forget to check back in until they finally stumble on some news tidbits weve been pumping out and come crawling back asap.

    one thing they also always mention is how the "feel" of ns is truly in there
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