Khamm and gorge idea

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One of the obvious problems that we face right now in the game as aliens is that the line between the gorge and Khamm rolewise is somewhat blurred. The responsibilities of both are similiar and shared, leaving two entities with only half the job that they are supposed to be doing. So, either give the full responsibilities (strategic/tactics) to the khamm and make the gorge a complete attacker/support role or try something different.

I pondered a bit about this problem and may have a plausible solution. Why not combine both the Khamm and the gorge instead of splitting their tasks in half. This can be done by allowing gorges to tap into the hivemind (by becoming a cocoon or whatever), which is basically the khamm view and give the option to build structures like a Khamm. Any gorge would be able to spend their pres on anythng that isn't an upgrade/ability/RT/Hive.

The teamres can be spend by a headgorge/queen/whatever, whom also can be voted out by the team, much like any comm or khamm can be voted out a comchair/hive. A gorge becomes the headgorge by merely touching the hive.

Feedback is welcome.


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    Removing the blur by essentially making the gorge and comm the same thing removes a unit from the game, and a healing unit at that. The gorge is important on the front lines, and they clearly are trying something different with free but limited structures. They just haven't hit on the winning formula yet.
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