Ideas to stabilize the Pres dilemma

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just a few
Ok, there has been a lot of discussion over aliens getting life forms too consistently and gorges free structures yadayadayada...

anyways here's some thoughts that ran through my mind. *note: not all of these have to occur, but they can coincide if necessary*

players start with 15 Pres

Harvesters/Extractors give out very little Pres per tick, lets say .125 or something OR dont give out any but can be upgraded to give the current Pres per tick

RFK can be implemented but only for Pres and small amounts, for example 1 kill = 1 or .5 Pres, an assist system can give half the value to the next player who helped the kill

RFT or resources for teamplay, building structures, defending bases, destroying enemy structures, and so on, would give a tiny amount to all players involved

What these should do is slow down the overall gameplay to a more controlled level, those who go gorge should still recieve an equal share of Pres for their role in support and area denial.

some of these have been mentioned before, but i dont think all together. i have not thought of any downsides other than a more prolonged game. but then again in NS1 the best games usually lasted around 30 minutes... the crazy ones lasted an hour

as for the RFK, it CAN be adjusted, but note to get a fast fade, you need to get 35-70 kills in a very small amount of time
for onos it'd be 60-120. so another thought, gorges and skulks and vanilla marines get a little more Pres, any purchased upgrades, higher lifeforms or weapons slow down the RFK

also, found a the link to where some of the ideas came from originally
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