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combined with the use of maya
I wanted to repost this here because maybe there are some more technologically capable people in the modding section of the forum.
Hello anyone and everyone. In case you don't already know, i'm working on a short NS2 film. I've got a basic script, but its not finalized. The reason for this post is because i'm searching for anyone who can work with the Cinematic Editor combined with Maya to animate the scenes and bring it all to life. I have no experience with either software, but this would be the ideal way to produce this. Time Schedules and area of residence are not issues, we are flexible and can work around such barriers. If your interested, i would give you my eternal gratitude, and i'm sure the community would thank you. Please, please, please, if you can help out, respond to this thread or send me PM, even if you just have a curiosity for more information. We have a basecamp too. I'd love for you to help with this project! Please respond if you can help out, and Thanks!!!

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