Rats in the attic

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and skulks in the rafters
So, at some point playing a game on tram, I decided it was appropriate to go stick my self up in the rafters of server room and generally bother the marine base. quite fun to do if the marines have a server start. started taking video after a few minutes when the marines beaconed.

Video up soon at http://youtu.be/kZHO3tqqmTk

Give it a whirl. I only had cara, you'll live forever with cara and regen.


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    That video is currently being processed.

            Once the infestation reaches the Command Chair, the process begins. One Gorge enters the chair to provide the necessary height. Another climbs on its shoulders to access the controls.

            A Gorge Lab is quickly established, staffed by microscopic Gorges who work tirelessly to unlock the secrets of Frontiersman Technology, stopping only to change their lab coats when they become dirtied. Once the research progresses to a certain point, the Gorgecom gives the order. Nanites are called into service.

            The armature forms. A chosen Gorge, tested many times in the field of battle, enters the machine.

            Servos whir; miniguns spin up in diagnostics; an Exogorge is born.

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    indeed, i am uploading now. should be done in 20 min or so. Im heading back to school so i posted before it was finished
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    i like doing that as a silenced skulk above a marine warehouse base too.
    Philadelphia is a PvP server
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    did you encode it using sony avchd by any chance?
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