Many arcs + many structures and hive = crash

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Playing on tram tonight. The aliens had atrium spammed FULL of structures everywhere. I ran about 10 arcs in at once. In a single shot, I THINK it killed the hive plus everything else. It lit up a ton of stuff and then it crashed to the desktop for me. When I got back in to the server, it appears the a few others had crashed out as well. The existing game was still running though.


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    This has also happened to me many times in previous builds. I would not know if it would happen in this build since Aliens are so dominate and games are over before they even start.
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    This bug definately exists. Happened to me many times in long in the last thirty builds or so. It does not happen always even though aliens have massive amounts of buildings that get destroyed by ARCs.
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    I can confrim this can happen.
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    I also had this problem when I made the largest gorge slip 'n slide in mineshaft. I must've spent about 100 or more res on cysts.
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    The game tends to crash whenever huge amounts of entities are updated at the same time. You can do the same by frantically scanning with multiple observatories at the same time.
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