mineshaft ? Server decrease ?

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Someone reported bugs about this map? Maybe be some sounds in some areas of the map that spam server error code to the server itself? Maybe something though. I really dont know, but this map gives the worse performance for my servers.

Hopefully some maybe can check it out to find the issue, or maybe its because of random server leaks.? hmmm ?
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    On mineshaft the playtime is larger than on summit or tram. And over the time every server drops more and more.
    And the clientrate drops more than on summit for example.
    In another thread some1 test all maps on your servers and told you he cant find any difference.

    So in the end it feels more laggy: Server+clientlag.

    I thought summit ran worse on you server "I got quite okay tickrate on mineshaft and tram, but summit I have bad tickrate for my server." , awaiting same thread for tram ;)
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