Videos from gathers

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Post them here
Hey guys

I think we should try to keep all the videos from gathers in one place, so please post them here.

I'll start with one I streamed today, its from commander view.
Part 1
part 2
Part 3

I'll Keep adding them here.

AHh, I didn't notice that the gather threat was moved to the competitive forums, I guess this post was not needed.
There is no competitive balance or casual players balance. The game is either balanced or not balanced.
It's the same game after all.

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    QUOTE (Grissi @ Mar 29 2012, 11:47 PM) »
    the gather threat was moved to the competitive forums

    Hide! The big bad gather threat is coming to annihilate us all!

    NS2 6v6 Gathers
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    it's always a good idea to kill swalk or he will kill you.
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