Comm GUI locks up & spams Lua errors

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I was going to post this on Get Satisfaction, but it looks like no one uses it anymore.

Occasionally in the commander interface (on both marines and aliens) I can no longer scroll with my mouse or use drag selecting. If I use the keyboard to to scroll, it continues to scroll until I hit another arrow key to scroll in a different direction or hop out of the chair. It stops updating my team res counter on the screen, and I think I no longer receive personal res. Oh, and whenever I select a building it seems to select it multiple times. On the most recent time it happened, I was unable to drop cysts after a minute or two (but I could initially)

I've seen it go away after a few seconds, go away after getting out of the hive/chair, and seen it not go away at all without rebooting. It's intermittent, and I'm not sure yet what triggers it.

It also spams Lua errors. Tons of them, every second.

Screenshot 1

These are spaced a few minutes apart, but note that the team res and personal res counters are exactly the same. Also the script errors count up very quickly, over 1000 a minute.

Screenshot 2
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