menu mod that should be used by UWE

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fsfod's menumod
im not sure if anyone out there is using FS menu mod, but it's a great improvement for me personally. I've got some graphical issues that cause my game to crash or drop to 5ps after certain events like the marine HUD overlay after completing a building will cause me to drop to a stutter and never recover or if in full screen I just crash ati drivers at that point and reboot whole pc.

but anyways, fsmod adds some basic and much needed functionality to your menu (I know there are bigger issues for UWE to work on right now but they could just steal it if he's ok with it) little things like scrolling in key bindings menu, a more functional chat similar to most valve games, the option to turn off AA and bloom (which saved me from crashes, the in game AA was crashing me im pretty sure). and windowed full screen mode.

It's a great improvement on what is there and my game also loads and runs MUCH faster, because the in game AA was ###### up a lot on my gpu for some reason.


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    The menu/HUD that's in right now is temporary. They have a UI person working on it right now.
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